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Vega 56 - Windows 10 Desktop lagging while gaming in windowed mode.

Question asked by v3dt on Jun 26, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2019 by tehg

While playing a game like GTA V, it happens in other games also but GTA V does it the worst out of the games I've played so far.

If I set the game to full screen windowed mode or windowed mode, everything out side the game almost completely freezes, to the point windows explorer, desktop manager will sometimes crash, & lose all the icons, background & taskbar.


Here is the part that drives me crazy, if I set the game to run while unfocused, when I target another window off the game everything works fine, the game keeps running as normal & the desktop works fine but as soon as I target the game everything else freezes up. it's like when focused the game takes high priority of the GPU. I don't have windows 10's "game mode" on. even if I'm playing a game like WoW & the GPU usage is only around 60-70% if I have video playing back on one of the other displays it will shudder & drop a lot of frames, focusing a window off the game & everything goes back to normal the same as with GTA V.


AMD Vega 56, Desktop lag when game is focused. - YouTube

I recorded the issue, when the game is focused the video playback on 2nd display pretty much comes to a halt & after a bit the windows background goes black on the 3rd display.


I looked in the Radeon settings, I don't see anything about focused window, game priority.


I was using a GTX 1060 in my system before this, I never had this issue until I replaced it with the Vega 56.


Does anyone have an idea on what it might be or how to fix it?


System Specs:


OS: Windows 10 Pro, 10.0.17134

CPU: AMD, Ryzen 7 2700X @ Stock

RAM: 64GB of G.Skill Flare X, DDR4 @ 2400MHz

GPU: AMD, RX Vega 56 Nano

GPU Driver: Adrenalin Edition 18.7.1, It does the same with 18.6.1 & 18.5.1


Boot drive: Samsung EVO 850, 500GB


Monitor Specs:

Coby TV, 1920x1080 @ 60Hz, HDMI

Dell, 1920x1080 @ 60Hz, DP

Acer, 2560x1440 @ 144Hz, DP, Main display

HP, 1600x1200 @ 60Hz, passive DP to DVI


I'm not sure if I should put this in Drivers & Software or the Graphics forum?