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    2 cores instead of 4


      Hi everybody.

      I just bought my new CPU X4 880K. But windows Task Manager shows that this CPU is 2 core and 4 logic processes. What is wrong? Windows, CPU, hands?

      Win version is RU. Underlined number of cores and logic processes. Need help.

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          Nothing is wrong, the CPU you have is based on the bulldozer module architecture (steamroller) and has 2 modules. Each module contains two separate integer cores which share an FPU (although the FPU is in fact two FMAs), front and back ends.


          To avoid overtaxing the FPU windows treats these CPUs as hyperthreaded dual cores (4 logical threads) so it will send 4 integer threads to be processed but only two floating point.


          This is the best way to use bulldozer based CPUs and is normal, for example the piledriver FX8350 shows up in windows as 4 cores 8 logical and the FX6300 shows up as 3 cores 6 logical

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            Right click on your Taskmanager/Performance/CPU graph and select "logical processors."