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    R3 2200G Purple Tree Problem (Far Cry 4)


      This seems to be a well known issue with old drivers that should have already been fixed (for example here: Windows 10 Far Cry 4 CrossFire Issues )


      Unfortunately I have the same Issue with my Raven Ridge APU. There are purple spots on the outlines of the trees were they meet the sky. Is there a way to fix this? Changing the ingame graphics settings did not resolve this issue.


      Here are my specs:


      R3 2200G

      MSI B350M Pro-Vdh (Bios Version 7A38vAB)

      G.Skill Ripjaws 4 8Gb 2666Mhz

      Windows 10 64

      Radeon Software 17.7

      Far Cry Version 1.10.0


      Thank you for your support