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Windows 10 Far Cry 4 CrossFire Issues

Question asked by en9dmp on Aug 2, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2015 by runesmite14

Hi guys, on upgrading to windows 10 on my crossfire Fury X setup I have noticed that Far Cry 4 is now unplayable due to several graphical glitches (flashing textures, weird random colours, map screen showing areas of the map in the wrong place), and crashes on startup. This is still considered a relatively recent release and is a game that runs beautifully on my setup so please can you try to rush out a bug fix? I thought it could be me but this issue was also reported by ArsTechnica this morning.


Also, many people, including me, are experiencing a delay from when the windows loading screen disappears to when you hey to the desktop. This delay shows a black screen with just the mouse cursor and for me out last around 30 secs.