Freezing/crashing Inspiron 5675/W10 pro 64bits/ECHO audiofire 12/DAW software Reaper

Discussion created by derdenis on Apr 15, 2018

Dear all,


I just bought a new Dell Inspiron 5675 Ryzen 1700x with Windows 10 pro 64 bits.I own an ECHO audiofire 12 soundboard connected on a Firewire PCI-E extension board. My DAW software is Reaper.


Each time I open Reaper, windows freezes and crashes but power is still on! I have to reboot the computer for restarting windows.


Last BIOS version installed.


Same issues when I use audio file with another audio player .


For information, I made some tests on another computer (with last INTEL XEON generation) the same gear (Echo audiofire/PCI-E firewire board/W10) and all is stable and fine.


It is very frustrating, I can not use my INSPIRON 5675 as audio workstation (I purchased it for that..).Could you please help me?