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    Sapphire RX 580 nitro + 8GB shuts down PC while gaming


      Hey Guys,

      I bought a new RX 580 nitro + 8GB graphics card by sapphire and since then i have problems with my PC shutting down completely whiel gaming and restarting automatically.

      I had no problems with the former Graphics card and did not change any other hardware so far.

      I already used DDU for clean driver install afterwards and updated my BIOS. While stressing the GPU with aida64 i had no problems, but when playing Battlefiled 1 after some Minutes the pc always shuts down completely??


      My Specs:

      Windows 10 Pro

      Intel Core i7 2600k CPU @ 3.4 GHz

      16 GB RAM DDR 3 1333 MHz, Kingston HyperX

      ASUS P8H61 EVO Mainboard, BIOS Version 4601

      TS 550W PSU

      Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250 GB

      AMD Sapphire RX 580 nitro + 8GB GDDR5

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          Starting to think you PSU isnt upto it How old is you PSU making me wonder is it under full load shutting it down crashing it. If your PSU is over 3 years old I may suggest going off whats happening doing a PSU upgrade for good measure first. I suspect its PSU related you system under load is drawing to much for the PSU to handle booting it to restart of shut down. Seen it happen with PSUs that are under powered or aging not give the correct amps & wats under full gaming load.

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            When the computer crashes, any Error messages? BSOD error messages? or does it all of a sudden just reboots on its own as though you pressed the restart button on the computer case?


            If it just reboots on its own without any error messages, it could indicate a Overheating issue or PSU issue.


            Your system has the minimum PSU Wattage for Total System Wattage from your PSU of 550 Watts using a RX580 GPU Card as per this website: PSU REQUIREMENTS - RealHardTechX .


            Make sure you have all the GPU Power connectors connected from the PSU to the GPU card.


            If you are using a 3rd party OC software like MSI Afterburner, you need to uninstall it due to conflicts with AMD Wattman. Even if Wattman is not activated.


            Use Wattman to try is configure your GPU card. Many people are having similar issues with the RX 4xx & 5xx series card. Many seems to be able to stabilize the card by using Wattman to configure the GPU card. Search other threads at AMD Forum under RX5xx series GPU cards to see how they set up Wattman.


            Here one open now : Sapphire Rx580 Pulse 8gb resets computer unless it is undercloked

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                Thanks for the help

                The system just reboots as though i used the restart button.

                You mentioned overheating??...What could cause this Problem, or how can I prevent it?

                All Power Connectors are normally connected an I only use Wattman as a Software. I tried many things in the Wattman configuration  so far including setting the goal temperature down to 40 °C and putting up the power limit upt to + 50%...


                The RX580 nitro + is already overclocked by the manufacturer and underclocking it back to the original 1255 MHz seems to stabilize the system somehow but only for some time and does not completely solve my problem....

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                    HWmonitor or something similar that shows Temperatures of the CPU and GPU. When the CPU Overheats it starts to throttle first, if that doesn't work than it shuts down the computer preventing the CPU from being heat damaged. GPU is similar in reaction.


                    If the PSU is underpowered it will also cause a unexplained Reboot due to a component not getting enough power. In your case, you have a sufficient PSU for your system. It is just the minimum amount needed it is all. I am using an Old Corsair 850AX top of the line PSU which I purchased in 2010. It still giving great Outputs on my computer system even though every slot and Port in my Asus Sabertooth 990FX Motherboard is totally used plus a couple more slots and Ports that were added later on. I am sure I am close to 850 watts under heavy Loads but so far no problems have shown up yet. If you decide to purchase a PSU, don't go CHEAP.


                    I used OCCT to test out the CPU and GPU. It is free and recommended in many websites. It constantly shows the Temperatures and PSU outputs during Stress testing. You can check if your PSU Outputs and Temperatures to check that they are within normal ranges under stress.

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                        With HW monitor all temperatures seem to be fine nothing overheating when gaming for some minutes... And when adding up all maximum power needs i get up to about 250 W.


                        When using OCCT all tests do fine except the Power Supply test: If I press the start button the pc crashes immediately and reboots...



                        So i guess it is all down to a PSU problem now??

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                            That is not a good sign. See if you can download another diagnostic program that tests PSU and see if it happens again. If it does, sounds like you have a failing PSU under stress.


                            I ran the OCCT PSU test which is basically running the GPU and CPU stress test and it worked fine. I have read that OCCT PSU test can damage or ruin a weak or Cheap PSU. So be careful when using it. Many websites concerning testing PSU recommends OCCT.


                            This from 2017 from Tom's Hardware Forum with a very similar problem you are having with Games and OCCT: System rebooting issue, trying to diagnose, possibly PSU ? - Components


                            After OCCT finished it directed you to the results Folder. If you click on that folder is shows all the test results  by clicking on the images.


                            This comment about using OCCT to test your PSU:


                            But if you still want to test your PSU then you can try OCCT's Power Supply test which will start a CPU Linpack benchmark and a GPU benchmark in parallel, and that should maximize your system's power consumption, and it also generates graphs of the values returned by the various temperature and voltage sensors that your system has, you can look at them and see if everything's right.

                            Note that you should not attempt this test if you have a "no-name"/low-end chinese PSU, here's the kind of results that you can expect if you still attempt it.


                            From Tom's Hardware Forum:

                            OCCT Power Supply

                            OCCT Power Supply generates CPU and GPU loads capable of taxing your PSU. At least that's the idea.




                            Tests like this one, which generate game-like power-consumption numbers, are used to optimize cooling solutions and fan curves. If everything in your PC works well up through this point, then OCCT Power Supply can be used to help minimize noise levels by guiding you in the direction of optimized ventilation. Any task that pushes a PC harder than this can be dealt with by setting fan curves that get more aggressive under higher loads. Establishing the system’s absolute limit comes first, after which you can fine-tune performance with less-demanding tests like this one.

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                        And also I should mention that in the standard Wattman settings with no underclocking or anything else when using for example aida64 to pressure the computer and the GPU I do not get a reboiot or something... everything seems to function normally then...

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                        Its PSU related from the tests you have done to crash on load is PSU failing on & under full load conditions highly recommended to invest in peace of mind new PSU i would recomend. Been down this PSU road a few times or if many more go with my recomendations & others for a new direct upgrade as the Sandys draw a bit as it is. I have a sandy i5 2400 with a 600w Antec high output unit with a rx560OC 4G its plenty sufficient for my needs. I always recomend to go over the recommended wattage for in future proof upgrades if you decide to install any other item which will put your system on more load. I say the load it under for gaming Type & quality of PSU will be the underlying problem. I have had this issues with not so good PSU before its why now i buy really good brands from reputable companies with more than needed wattage for deteriation as they suffer over time.