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Sapphire Rx580 Pulse 8gb resets computer unless it is undercloked

Question asked by equitatus on Mar 29, 2018
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I have a 1 year old desktop pc that I built myself. On 27 March I have updated my drivers to the latest driver (Adrenalin Edition 18.3.4 Optional). After the update I tried to run Player Unknown's Playgrounds and after the loading screen pc restarted itself. On the same day I have updated the game too, so I blamed the game for the reboot and tried again, however the result was same. Sometimes the game runs 10-15 minutes and then the pc restarts itself without any error messages. I have unchecked the option that enables the pc to restart itself after an error however it did not change anything. I returned to an older driver (Adrenalin Edition 18.2.1, this was the driver that worked perfectly) after deleting the new driver via Display Driver Uninstaller program in safe mode, and the result did not change.


I tried to run a stress test on Furmark (uses OpenGL). GPU temp rises to 70 max, and nothing happens for 10-15 min. However when I tried to run Unigine's Heaven Benchmark (DirectX) and Superposition it resets the pc either after the loading screen or 1-2 minn into the test. So I thought that was a directx issue, and reinstalled directx and nothing changed.


I formatted the SSD completely and installed a fresh Windows 10 and that did not solve the problem either. After the fresh Windows 10, even OpenGL applications started to reset the pc. I think the issue is resulting from PSU or the GPU. Yesterday I tried to increase the power limit in the radeon settings. I tried +30 power limit and run Unigine's Superposition benchmark, benchmark finnished successfully 8-9 times, so I thought the issue was gone. However, when I tried to run the benchmark in the evening (3-4 hours later) the reset issue was back.


Finally I tried to underclock the RX580, and 1150 mhz for clock and +30 power limit, and that seems to resolve the issue. I could run 2 hours of PUBG and several benchmarks and it did not reset.


Is there anyone with the same issue? And if someone can help me to solve this issue I will be thankful.



2 days ago my computer started to reboot itself in desktop. Reboot was in an array and it rebooted itself 1-2 min after the windows starts. After 7-8 consecutive reboots motherboard did not boot the system. In the debug led first GPU and then CPU was blinking. I borrowed my friends pc and tried to figure out the issue.My GPU was working fine in his pc even though his PSU only had 6pin power cable (my GPU needs 8 pin). I could not connected his PSU to my system because hi PSU has 4 pin CPU connector and my Motherboard has 8 pin. Nevertheless, I bought a new PSU (FSP Hydro 700 80+ Bronze), and now everything is working fine. I tried becnhmarks and stress test to test the RX580 and I did not get any reboots. I tried to overclock the GPU to 1400mhz and it's working just fine.


In the begining of this issue I did not think about PSU because it is a 750W one, and it's not a bad brand. However that was the problem and I went ahead and bought a better one. When I first built the pc I tried to overclock the GPU to 1400mhz and even that time with a brand new PSU it rebooted itself. I should have guessed that this PSU was a faulty one even then.


I sent the faulty one to the warranty but I won't use it if they replace it. Thanks for your attention.




The system configuration


Graphics Card

Sapphire Pulse RX580 8gb


Operating System

Windows 10 64bit


Driver version installed

Adrenalin Edition 18.2.1


Display Devices

Samsung S24F350FHMXUF 23.5" FreeSync


Motherboard + Bios Revision

MSI B350M PRO-VDH, Bios: 7A38vAB (2018-03-15)



AMD Ryzen5 1500x


Power Supply

Aerocool 750W VX



1 x  Corsair Vengeance DDR4 8gb 2300mhz


Best regards.


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