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Black Screen - NEED FAST FIX

Question asked by pleasegivehelp on Mar 24, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2018 by pokester

On my lenovo desktop, when I attempt to install any date/type of AMD driver, my screen goes black, and if i install them in safe mode, i cannot boot into normal mode without getting a black screen issue

Im on a lenovo desktop with a 6850 AMD Radeon HD GPU.

This has been happening since i started using a new set of headphones, even now if I stop using them, i can only boot into safe mode or when i have windows basic display adapter on. It did not come prebuilt with the lenovo and I really need to get my issue fixed

I attempted to install an older version of the driver from 2016 but it still didnt work. my resolution is messed up and im confused what to do, I dont think its a hardware issue as it just happened randomly.

Thanks for the help in advance - Landon

Here are all necessary specs provided with Speccy : Screenshot - 1d04cd7dbce8e62b75bfd9eaa0d08967 - Gyazo