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    RX570 and HD6850 cards work together?


      Hello there,

      When I install the bitchain driver for rx570 in windows 10, hd6850 is disabled, I want also to use hd6850 for other sub coins other than ethereum.
      The AMD bitchain driver does not only support the hd 6000 series.

      Is there another way to run my rx570 and hd6850 in windows 10 together to make mining?


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          I am not sure about mining but your HD 6xxx series AMD GPU card is considered to be LEGACY. AMD doesn't support this driver with any more updates. The last known driver for this card is from 2015/2016. You can download the AMD driver from here: Legacy .


          I am not sure if you are able to install a Legacy driver with the latest AMD Driver set in the same Windows environment. If it doesn't install, then try to install just the Display driver and nothing else and see if it is recognized and works.

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              Thanks for the answer,

              I tried to install only display of this Legacy driver but,

              when I do it, RX570  disappearing and when I reinstall RX570 driver, HD6850 disappearing.

              That's the situation right now.


              PS : By disappearing means you can see the card in the Device Manager with no problem or anything. But mining programs cant see the card.

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              legacy & newer cards wont recognise each oither & foir mining wont either. You might have to run single card either rx570 really to get it to work properly. Cant mix older with newer without them being recognised together 600 series is legacy where 570 is realy new series. Either going have to run you 6000 series or run a single rx570 where your better just to run the rx570

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                thanks a lot, I'll be using rx470

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                  AMD does not support mixed GCN and non-GCN GPUs on any driver version that supports Polaris under any OS.

                  Given their announced "not going to offer support for non-GCN cards in the future" I don't anticipate that ever changing.


                  There isn't a lot of mining software that WORKS with pre-GCN cards anyway, it's not all that big of a loss.