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Dead graphics card

Question asked by entranced on Mar 21, 2018
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So, my R9 280X died from this, screen went to sleep and when I got back did a forced restart and got no image within UEFI bios, no post. Tested another graphics card and worked so motherboard problem excluded.

I went and grabbed an ASUS RX 570 and happily enough all working again, but, had to reinstall the whole OS, in this case Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64, because with all of the restarts and tests when the older 280X died OS got corrupted. Ok format and install again, but I'm experiencing AGAIN the same thing that happened with my last GPU (which in some cases ctrl+alt+del would do it, or a forced reboot), after 10 minutes the screensaver goes up, after 15 minutes screen goes to sleep, well till now I've been able to do the same ctrl+alt+del in the least worst case being the worst a lockup of the computer, keyboard doesn't respond, even choosing caps lock or any other of the keys that indicate a change in the keyboard are completely "dead", now only a forced reboot can solve it.

Thing is, this is happening sometimes with me coming back to the computer and finding an image like this:




Or just a complete black screen.


What could be causing this? I've been searching and it appears to be a major problem right now with the drivers... I've not been able to replicate exactly what and when things happen, but tried removing the display from going to sleep and still experienced same thing, so I guess screensaver has something to do here, and the "white noisy" display appears to happen when I got any game running and alt-tab or have it Window/Borderless and screensaver/display goes to sleep.


My system:

  • Desktop
  • Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64bit
  • AMD Radeon Adrenalin Edition 18.3.3
  • Samsung SynMaster 2494HS 1920x1080@60Hz DVI-D
  • ASRock 990FX Killer Bios Version P1.60
  • FX 8350
  • Enermax REVOLUTION87+ 850W
  • 16GB


PS: Forgot to mention removing DVI cable and reconnecting also works when computer isn't frozen



Ok, my luck is out of scale really, was starting Heroes of the Storm, all day the computer ran fine, and as the match was starting my computer froze and shutdown.

Tried to turn back on again and nothing, unplugged from power outlet, waited to drain stored energy, plugged, pressed the power button and for a second the computers starts and immediately shuts down. Removed the power from the GPU (the RX570) and damn surprise... computer turns on.. As soon as I plug the 8 pin power connector to the graphics card it doesn't turn on.

I still have the old R9 280X, I knew that one even tho transmitted no image was "working", and is much more power hungry and requires 8-pin + 6-pin connector.

Plugged the old card and system turned on... but of course with no image.

So I guess this RX 570 was DOA?

I will grab an old graphics card that I have running in another computer to test and see, but is this really that bad of luck or something with my PSU or Mobo?

Would appreciate any help or response, if I made this topic in the wrong place I'm sorry but fairly new to this forums, never used much.

Nevertheless, many thanks for everyone that reads this and even more thanks for people that can help me! Will test with the GPU in the other computer mention, is an old HD4850 but it should do it to see if boots up...



EDIT 2: since there was no response and I already got to the conclusion the card is dead and will go to warranty, sorry if I asked this in the wrong place and if possible close.


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