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    New Ryzen build freezing


      Hello Everyone


      I would very much like any support I can get in resolving this issue.

      I just finished a brand new Ryzen build. It runs very well under load, but freezes randomly at idle. By "freezes" i mean it's like everything stops responding instantly, mouse doesn't move, no BSOD, no restart, no graphical artifacts.

      The only way out is cold reboot via the case reset button.


      CPU: 1800x

      MB: ASRock x370 Taichi (with latest BIOS as of now - 4.40)

      RAM G.Skill Flare-X 3200

      GPU: Asus ROG RX580

      PSU: Seasonic Prime Ultra Titanium 750W


      System temps are very well within normal parameters. Cooling is provided by 3x140mm Noctua fans connected directly into the MB (So i can monitor their RPM and adjust PWM curve), CPU is cooled by an NH-U12S SE-AM4. System voltages from the PSU are rock-stable too - the Seasonic doesn't break a sweat.


      This is a system which I intend to use for my daily work and stability is of utmost importance for me. I haven't overclocked anything - everything is at stock "Auto". I even down-stepped the RAM from the XMP-3200 profile to the safe JEDEC 2400Mhz.

      Brand new Windows 10 x64 Pro installed on a Samsung 960 Evo 256GB SSD.

      Latest OS updates applied.

      Latest drivers for the Chipset, GPU and other peripherals applied.

      Latest BIOS.

      Latest firmware for the SSD drives.

      Disabled PCI Express Link State Power Management (within Power Options).

      Disabled Hard Disk Turnoff timeout (within Power Options).

      Ran sfc and dism.


      The funny thing is it rock-stable on all the stress tests i threw at it. 3DMark, CPU-Z, Aida64, Heaven Benchmark, and several hours of Memtest86. It's just this totally random hard lock screen freeze (or whatever you can name it) when I'm basically doing nothing - like writing in a text document or going around in the Control Panel, or even when i'm not at the computer at all. There's nothing in the Event Log (besides the improper shutdown message), no crash dumps either.


      Sorry for the long post, but i'm very frustrated and disappointed. If I could just reproduce the issue every time that would be great and narrow-down the possible culprit, but alas...

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          For me, exactly the same happens if I have an unstable overclock. What you can try is to load optimized defaults in bios, maybe your MB did apply an auto oc.

          Another thing you can try is to disable Core Performace Boost in Bios (on my bourd under advanced>AMD CBS).

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              Done a full CMOS clear and haven't touched anything but the Fans PWM curves and the Dr.Debug led. I'm expecting the MB to honor it's "Auto" values and not apply any additional overclocking, besides the Core Boos and the XFR, which are some of the highlights of this CPU.

              I don't see how disabling these options would help, given that I don't have a problem when the system is loaded, but I'll try anyway.

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              Same  - or at least very similar - problem here.

              Ryzen 5 1800X built almost a year ago, when it just came out.

              Board is ASRock Fatal1ty x370, Corsair memory.


              The machine is always on and connected to vpn - used partially from remote.

              [My company is using only AMD as we feel the need to fight Intel's monopolistic behavior, we have more than 200 AMD based computers most of them self-built, all of them running Linux (as we feel the need to fight Microsoft's mono.......).

              The reason why I am mentioning this: We have a lot of AMD machines and basically no problems at all. And even if we had a few issues, that would not make us go Wintel]


              Initial testing with our own workload/software and standards like Blender showed nothing noteworthy, everything was working (fast) as expected. As outlined in the original post, however, we had "random" freezes - usually when the machine was unaccompanied and probably mostly when it was idle. At first this actually went overlooked and was attributed to remote power failures or the like.


              Recently the freezes became more frequent even though nothing in the use of the machine changed.  Very recently the machine started freezing "even" when used actively - to the point that it became basically useless. 

              I started looking into it - temperatures, RAM and all that - but couldn't find anything. I contacted AMD through the support line and after a few attempts to jointly troubleshoot (disable C6 and some others) RMA'ed the processor. Since I need the machine I couldn't wait for the proc to be returned and bought another one, in this case a Ryzen 3, 1200 (I know, very different - this will be used to repurpose some parts).

              Tested fine, everything works - much slower obviously but according to expectation. Solid performance for several days until last night - frozen!


              The freeze looks the same as the ones before: Machine just locks, graphics still up, monitor on - but nothing moves. No remote login (ssh) possible. It looks like it happened again when the machine was idle.


              I also have two 32-core Epyc (Supermicro and Tyan MB) and a new Ryzen APU on an ASRock ITX board, all of them working fine.


              My conclusion: It must be the MB and/or Ram / combination.  I have not been doing any overclocking or even experimentation with any of those settings, but will try some around fuziongxp's proposal

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                PC Freezes randomly, no matter what I do. With different cycles, from 5 offsets per day, up to 1 shutdown per week. Disables mostly when I work in Blender 3D, but sometimes when I just listen to music or use the internet. When conducting stress tests did not turn off. All software is licensed, including Windows 10 Home, viruses. Problems began in early 2018.

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                  Please check my thread on the ASRock support forums for the solution:


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                      Thank you. I've tried to do this before. Did not help. Also made a post PC Freezes randomly. Ryzen 1700. B350. RX 460 .  Posted to technical support. They contacted me, asked for more information, I sent them all the necessary information, waiting for an answer. I think that in our case there are two problems that give the same symptoms. The first is a problem with C6, which appeared to me in January 2018 after updating BIOS. And the second is a problem with the GPU, which apparently decided, publishing new drivers a few weeks ago.


                      Yesterday I turned off the "global C states control" in the bios. Still, everything works without error. Previously, it did not help

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                          My particular problem only occurs when the system was at Idle. No problems at all when under load.


                          I can't give you any advice if your system was freezing under load, but if the problem was with the C6 states, try disabling the "Core Parking" feature in Windows. This should prevent the CPU to enter C6 state:



                          If I understand correctly from my own tests, disabling the "Global C-States Control" would also disable Coo'n'Quiet, which, for a stock system, is not that desirable - you wish for the CPU to lower its voltages and frequency when not loaded. I might be wrong though, and I stand corrected.


                          Deducting that after the black screen you still hear music playing for a few seconds, I can conduct that the CPU is still working at that point. This indicates to me that there is a problem either with your GPU (or drivers), or there is a problem in the BIOS. Again, this is only an assumption and I stand corrected again.

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                        This might not be a CPU problem.


                        AMD sent me a replacement Ryzen 7 1800x but the problem of random freezes persists.  Interestingly, it is less frequent than with the original processor.  For a while I was using a Ryzen 3 in that machine (ARock x370 gaming board) and that  also froze a few times.


                        A second system based on an AsRock ITX (x370) and a Ryzen 5 2400G is quite stable but froze once so far - while watching a Youtube video (maybe it was the content, something about Trump - just kidding...)


                        I tried multiple memory combinations - it is possible that the frequency of freezes correlates with the amount of memory in the machine.  I have distributed my (expensive) memory to the two machines instead of having it all in one machine and the freezes have become less frequent - might be related or not, can't say.


                        An Epyc/Supermicro (128GB ram) system is completely stable - no crashes or freezes over weeks - with heavy workload or in idle.


                        All of these results are without any overclocking, all system settings are "default" or as advised to be conservative.

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                            After reading various forums, I saw that those who overclock the system have a stable system (most of them overclocking). Those users who are all standard have problems. I assume that the problem is in "AGESA", which is in every bios. It does not have the right standard CPU power settings. The power goes down to a lower critical level and the links between the CPU and the RAM or the PCI lines are lost. Two days ago, I turned off the "global C states control", and yesterday got a blue screen that pointed to the RAM problem (checked by memtest86, there are no problems). And before that, at first the image disappeared, during this GPU the cooler worked. That is, the link between the CPU and the GPU is lost, and power is supplied to the GPU. We have different chipsets, motherboard manufacturers, processor models, and the problems are very similar. Sorry for my english, I hope you all understand what I wrote

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                              I have had the AMD RMA'ed 1800x up and running for 12 days now. Tested some parallel blender runs in the first few days but then idle for most of the time. Since it's been up all this time, obviously no freezes/crashes at all.

                              Can't say why or why not ....