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    PC Freezes randomly. Ryzen 1700. B350. RX 460


      Sorry for my english. I use the translator.


      PC Freezes randomly, no matter what I do. With different cycles, from 5 offsets per day, up to 1 shutdown per week. Disables mostly when I work in Blender 3D, but sometimes when I just listen to music or use the internet. When conducting stress tests did not turn off. All software is licensed, including Windows 10 Home,no viruses. Problems began in early 2018.



      • CPU: AMD Ryzen 1700
      • MB: MSI B350M Pro-VDH
      • GPU: MSI Radeon RX 460 4G OC
      • RAM: Kingston DDR4-2400 HyperX Fury Black (HX424C15FB/8) 2X8GB
      • SSD: AMD Radeon R3 120G 120GB (R3SL120G)
      • HDD: Western Digital Blue 1TB 7200rpm 64MB (WD10EZEX)
      • PS: Aerocool KCAS-600 600W
      • Monitor: LG 23MP68VQ
      • Keyboard: A4Tech Bloody B820R
      • Mouse: A4Tech F4



      • black screen, GPU cooler works (if playing music, then it continues to play 2-4 seconds)
      • after a few seconds, scratch the headphones
      • then the scratch disappears
      • the reset button does not respond
      • switches off only by pressing the power button


      What i was doing:

      • Reinstall Windows
      • Updated bios
      • Upgraded driver
      • Changed the image scale type in the radeon panel (found a similar problem on the Internet)
      • Turning off freesync in the radeon panel (found a similar problem on the Internet)
      • Changed the settings of CPU parameters in Bios (according to the instructions found on the Internet a similar problem)
      • Cleared the bios memory
      • Monitored the temperature, and the voltage of the components (all in norm)
      • Examined various stress tests GPU, CPU, RAM (all in norm)
      • The voltage in the sockets to the power supply 220V - 235V
      • I tried to put a power plan for Ryzen processors
      • No overclocking, everything is standard
      • The longest PC worked without fail after turning off the AMD PSP 3.0 Device in the Device Manager (it worked without fail for a week and then started shutting down again)


      To give to the service center is not possible for two reasons:

      • We do not have a good service center (what they do I can do myself)
      • I use the PC to work; every day without it, it's a day without earnings.


      Thank you for your attention to my problem