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Hi, my problem is i read this Spectre update can slow the comp. and etc. is it true?

Question asked by szetkaplak on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2018 by inside_limbo

Hi, In the last 2-3 week i see my comp is so much slower if until now was on 100% then now only just 50-60% and random restarts, isn't write out any problem just restarting, sometimes when im just watch the desktop so the cpu isn't working hard or anything like this, just restarting, It was fresh windows reinstall after a full clear so it can't be virus, so i think this will be the spectre update, is it possible to uninstall or something because i dont want to buy a new processor . I have AMD fx(tm) 8320 with 8gb kingston fury memory, the system is work from kingston ssd card, this slowing is very very flustrating. Thanks your response. Bye