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Journeyman III

Ryzen 1950 16 core cpu comes with a bracket to accommodate socket AM4 water blocks that are circular BUT I have a AM4 water block that is square - Where do I get a square one ?

Have a new build that requires a square AM4 bracket what to do ?

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Check with the manufacturer of the water block / cooling system.


Already did that and they just kept telling me that they don't have an

adapter for that cooling system - emailed them 3 x with regards to getting

any answer - no luck

The company was Deep Cool and the case a really nice cpu water cooling

system installed in it - the case is the genome case - has adapters all the

way up to AM4 but no TR4 adapter - admitted to them that I didn't read the

specs close enough and they just kept telling me that they don't have one

and I even asked if they could point me in the right direction and no reply

so I am at a loss because the case looks awesome and I have never had this

nice of a build but what is stopping me is the bracket issue - WHAT TO DO ?


It's also not necessary to cover the entire block.


Thats good to know thought you HAD to cover the whole block - just a really

new build for me with some changes in the technology - used to the cpu

being square

THANKS ! Will figure out and thanks for the advice !


GamersNexus did a couple of good articles on it

Threadripper Cooler, Thermal Paste Coverage vs. Die Area & IHS | GamersNexus - Gaming PC Builds & Ha...

AMD Threadripper Thermal Paste Application Methods Tested | GamersNexus - Gaming PC Builds & Hardwar...

Threadripper is about the only example I can think of of when the stock TIM needs to be removed and replaced as the small center circle doesn't adequately cover it, but the other methods do. The good thing is that since AMD uses Indium solder instead of thermal paste like Intel, and since the two interposers draw heat away towards them, there's no reason to worry about heat.

amd threadripper grid

amd threadripper grid 2

tpaste comparison threadripper

And as we know from Threadripper overclocking articles, a regular Corsair CLC is quite adequate (I believe they're using a Corsair H105)

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X review - Overclocking Your Ryzen Threadripper processor

Here is an example of the Ryzen Threadripper 1950X at 4000 MHz @ all cores. Here the LCS cooler seems to run fine in the ~80 Degrees C range overclocked (again that is 16 cores). AMD claims the Tdie score is the actual score, so you can deduct 27 Degrees C off that temperature.