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A10-9620P Laptop Low FPS In All Games

Question asked by simo20 on Jan 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2019 by irabanta

Hello everyone, i have a problem with a lenovo notebook apu amd a10 9620p 2,5ghz (i overclocked it with overdrive) integrated r5+ r8 m535dx 2gb vram dual graphics... i tryed to reinstall drivers more than once but i cant run paladins with more than 30-40 fps for some reason i tryed everything checked for viruses disabled ulps etc... and sometimes when i open task manager when playing i notice that interrupt system usage goes at like 99% but for a second only and then refresh to normal i know my pc isnt very good for gaming but with my old i3 1,9ghz 820m nvidia only 1gb vram notebook i had better perfomance in every game i tryed so far and idk what do,thanks for your help and time (also sorry for my bad eng)


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