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    PC crashes while playing Overwatch with "blue screen of death" and "graphic hardware not found" problem(17.12.2)!!!


      I have Radeon r7 260. Faced this problem playing overwatch since 2 last patches. And now it's 17.12.2 and it's still crashing. I've seen your message about resolving this problem, but you haven't.  I am catching blue screen of death and graphics hardware not found messages, sometimes monitor just turns off and I have to restart my pc and I cant reconnect in time. Do something, please. I am losing my season ranked points because of this problem and going to be banned for leaving the matches. Never had this problem before, it's started like a month and a half ago.


      AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Proc 2.80GHz;


      8 GB RAM;

      PSU - VS450;

      Win 7 64bit;

      Radeon r7 260 (17.12.2)

      monitor - ACER S221HQL