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UVD hardware decoder performance issue with multiple display cards

Question asked by law on Jul 20, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2015 by pinform



I am now testing the media SDK 1.1 with my AMD FirePro W8000 card.


My computer has 2 display cards:  AMD W8000 and an onboard display with Intel HD Graphic 4600.  I am using dual-monitor with a monitor connected to each display card.


I compile and run the simple decode project using Visual Studio 2013.  I am decoding a 1080p  H.264 stream, with DX9 memory, and do not write output to file.


I found out that when I set the main screen on HD Graphic, the fps is 900+.  But when I set the main screen to AMD, the fps drop to 80.  Is this normal? 


Thank you!