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How to enable openCL to render on Vray RT? Driver info plz?

Question asked by shady19406 on Apr 29, 2015

Hello, i just finished installing my FirePro w8100 in my system and i have the Firepro v5900 installed as well.I have installed the 14.502.1019.0 driver. I want to utilize both cards stream processors for GPU rendering and to be more specific in the VRAY RT engine. I have windows 7 professtional as my OS. I have no knowledge in C++ programing or any other programing language. I have been reading that I need to install the AMD APP SDK v3.0 Beta for the open CL 2.0 (Accelerated Parallel Processing) to work with the Vray RT engine. my questions:


1- do I need to change my OS to windows 8.1?

2- do I need to uninstall my current driver before I install the APP SDK 3.0 beta in order to work?

3- After installing the APP SDK 3.0 beta will the openCL work on the Vray RT GPU rendering right away or do I need further programming steps to do?


Like I said am not a programmer and the info provided on AMD's website is confusing to me. Thank you