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    thank you amd


      dear amd im a member of steam linux and previously had

      required opengl extension missing gl_ext_texture_srgb_decode is not supported when trying to play TF2 . in fact the error was so bad i couldnt even launch the game. today i had a chance to sit down with the new 13.1  driver for legacy cards  i dunno what you guys had to do to get this driver together but it works flawlessly not only is TF2 playable but performance in all of my linux games has improved

      thank you for the new driver it is absolutly amazing i know alot of hardwork went into it and i just want yall to know your hard work seriously paid off


      sincerly dr.wattz a happy linux user

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          Glad to hear that you're happy with the performance results of Catalyst 13.1.


          I also wanted to let everyone know that we will continue to put significant efforts into Catalyst to ensure we deliver great OpenGL performance and stability under Linux.


          You can expect to see regular enhancements coming in future Catalyst releases.




          Andrew Dodd

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            No, i am sorry. I am using the official LTS release of Ubuntu with the latest legacy drivers and every- source engine based game does not work. It would be nice to get a future support for it, because i am using three radeon 4890 in different computers. I always get an "gl_ext_texture_srgb_decode" error. The other games which do not use this opengl option are running perfectly. Something is missing in the opengl-set of the legacy drivers. For me it is just an experiment, but my buying decision in the future will not rely on hardware but on good software support. I wait. In fact I am quite astonished that valve never fell over this. Ok, these games are still beta.