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Nothing happened after running AMDTTeaPot and found segmentation fault when terminating CodeXL

Question asked by s00888 on Jan 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2013 by dorono



I try to run v1.0.1042.0-x86_64 on Linux Mint 13 (a branch of Ubuntu Linux 12.04).

I am following the document, Getting Started with CodeXL, and I can launch the CodeXL successfully.

However, when doing the step, run the teapot sample program, no separate window displayed.

I am wondering whether the sample program loaded correctly.

Besides, after I terminated CodeXL by click x on the upper right corner, I saw the terminal showd 

/path/to/CodeXL/bin/CodeXL: line 41:  3673 Segmentation fault  /path/to/CodeXL/bin/CodeXL-bin

Did I miss any steps or settings?