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stable release for ubunto 12,10 and after

Question asked by sungin on Dec 19, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2012 by sungin

hey amd developers i hope things still out in the future and linux will be in your top projects would be exciting

the first thing i frustrate using fglrx  in every version release that aren't stable, and another thing a lot of bugs i face, with Ubuntu unity broke, compiz error, 

after that steam are release and partnership with canonical how amd can solve there drivers that had many complain and not easier than windows ??

question is most important to be answered so please i need things to be fixed as soon as possible we cant live with poor support and not testing it

i have dell laptop with ati 7600m series couldn't being lucky to succeed to install it failure after failure with no right mark so when gonna see ati driver for linux much stable like windows ?? thanks for open the forum and please take this post under concern from linux fan ..thanks