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Question asked by pleasehelpme on Jan 28, 2012
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Forgive me for asking about this issue. I am new in here , and english is not my native language. My question is about issue that I have with my ati Radeon HD 4670 graphic card. From the beggining, I had this issue with a graphic card which cause my computer freezing/crashing without warning all of a sudden, with a blue screen on your monitor saying your computer was “caught in an infinite loop”. This is happening to me several years now. I have tried everything, reinstalling drivers, reinstalling windows. I have tested my graphic card, using MSI kombustor software, and everything was good. It passed all tests . But if I'm using Second life virtual world, or games, I've got a blue screen with a message that I've mentioned before . Please help me . I am trying to resolve this issue for several years now. Thank you very much !!!