AMD APP 2.4 + Intel i7 2600 -> Kernel build fails

Discussion created by kopfrechner on Aug 23, 2011
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i started using OpenCL and i was wondering about a thing.

But first my configuration:

Graphics Card

  • Radeon HD 6870
  • CCC 10.6
  • AMD APP SDK 2.4


  • Intel i7 2600
  • Intel OpenCL SDK in Version 1.1.13785.5219

As you can see, OpenCL should find 2 Platforms (AMD APP, Intel) and it does.

If i use Intel-Platform in OpenCL, there is one device (CPU). Kernels execeutes without any errors on the CPU.

If i use APP AMD Platform in OpenCL, two devices are found (GPU, CPU). Kernels executes on GPU-Device without any errors. But if i use CPU-Device (Intel i7), the following message comes at each Kernel:

C:\Users\??????\AppData\Local\Temp\OCL121D.tmp.cl(29): warning: null (zero)
          character in input line ignored


 Internal Error:  as failed

Is there a way to disable CPU for AMD APP platform? I also appriciate all other ideas.

Thank you so far.