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AOCL math libraries path settings (BLIS for scientific computing on AMD)


I am a PhD student in chemical engineering.

I use commonly FEM multiphysics softwares like Comsol and Ansys. Recently we switched from Intel to a new AMD based machine for computing (Threadripper 3970x and so on). Regarding Comsol, there is a known issue using AMD instead Intel processors, because the program works with embedded math libraries developed and optimized by Intel for their own processors (MKL) that cripples computing performances (intentionally) on AMD cpu. To overcome the problem, there is also the possibility to start the program with generic blas libraries embedded, but to work properly (optimized calculation, routines meaning smaller computing times) I would set AMD specific math libraries fot zen2 threadrippers.

Here there is the AMD page for AOCL libraries:

I use both windows and linux on that machine, but the question is about windows environment.

The program gives the possibility to set a path for specific third part libraries (see the attached picture taken from the manual).

program setting manualprogram setting manualThis is the point: I've tried, but maybe I commit some syntax error in the command to set the library path. I tried different paths, but I can't see any improvment in the compunting performances (if I switch from MKL to generic embedded blas I can see computing times great improvement). There are many files inside every library folder, both .dll and .lib.

blis folderblis folder

Should I set a path to one of them instead to the general folder in your opinion?  There is also another folder in the installed BLIS, named "Include" that contain only three files (bli.config, blis and cblas with .h extension), maybe this one is correct instead? Basically is a very fool question despite the technicism of the argument itself, I know, but at this point I am a little confused.

Actualy I set:

-blaspath <lib folder>

Many thanks

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Re: AOCL math libraries path settings (BLIS for scientific computing on AMD)

In my opinion I believe you should post this question at AMD Forum's Developers Forum:

There the Moderator can decide where to post your question in the Developer's Forums.



Re: AOCL math libraries path settings (BLIS for scientific computing on AMD)

I'm moving it to the "AMD Server Gurus" community which is the right place to post any query/issue related to AOCL.

Also, for technical support, you can directly email to