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Project Nemesis

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Good evening LTT


It has been quiet around me for a long time now, but there are new ideas and plans to supply the scene of cultivated modding with new content.  

You know there is a new Call of Duty in the starting blocks and that is Modern Warfare 3. The series will be continued and from what I have seen everything will be a little different than before, including my career the last few months.
I left my team to reinvent myself and to go new ways in terms of "content creation", as well as to be able to develop a bit and to plan my way as I want to entertain the readers and also the small but very nice community I have. To put it briefly, back to the roots and realise clean worklogs and unique projects again.


But enough from me now to the actual topic. 



Now I'm 32, it's been some time since I actively played eSports.... But it all started back then with CoD 4 Prestige 10 and some hours of game time were on the account then. Towards the end I came by chance to a German clan called Modern Primitives from then on it really started EU far place 1 later then also in the MLG (Game Battles) far in front with it....
Ahhhh those were good times but unfortunately too early to become a pro because it was not as big as it is now. The story would go on but then my intro is getting too long so if you want me to reminisce a bit more let me know. 

That's why I had the idea to realise a project for the release that has accompanied me for a long time - a CoD tribute mod. There was actually a different concept that looked like this:







Here, everything should actually sit on a 540mm radi and also be cooled by it. The mainboard sits in the box and the GPU as you can see outside, because unfortunately there is no room for a dual or triple fan GPU in the box.
The power supply sits in the back to distribute the weight a little. An Alphacool Rise Flat Reservoir with D5 pump was planned as the AGP pump combo. But things always turn out a little different than expected, due to leaving the team I wanted to take a break until 2024, but a friend of mine said come on and do something for the release of CoD MW3. That's why I came up with this almost new idea:








Now everything finds its place in and on the ammunition box. The whole thing is cooled by a Alphacool Eisbaer Aurora Solo and a 55mm 140mm Nexxos. The GPU unfortunately doesn't have room inside as it will be an Intel Arc A770 16GB that I'm currently using. Unfortunately I can't find a 4060 single fan GPU, so there would be room for one inside. The interior is designed in such a way that it sticks to the box with strong magnets, so it is also possible to place everything inside in a second moment. The power supply will be a Seasonic Focus SGX-750, this thing is so small it's amazing how much technology fits into so little space.


The progress is already a bit further, but I didn't know if I should write the worklog before or after the release, but it makes more sense to document the progress bit by bit, so stay tuned, an update will follow soon. 


Until then, have a nice rest of the week.


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