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Fire and Ice by eebiii

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Our friend @eebiii  submitted his creation back in June when he entered the Rig of the Month contest. It caught my attention right away for one simple reason, the name! Fire & Ice.

I had to click on the post to learn more about the mod and the builder. Once I saw the pictures and read his short description I sent a PM to him inviting him to re-submit his rig for the month of July because in my opinion Fire and Ice is very impressive.   

The lighting, cable management, cooling, radiators, water plate, and of course the powerful GPU and CPU come together beautifully. Here is how @eebii described his rig:

I built this for myself on a Barrowch Icicle Waterboard Chassis. I use it for benchmarking, gaming and work. I was originally going to attach this chassis to a TT Core P5 case but decided not to. After getting all the parts it took 24-30hrs to complete.

Here are the specs:

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X CPU

  • Radeon Red Devil 6900XT Ultimate Video Card
  • Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero Motherboard
  • Gskill Trident Z Royal 3600 (Silver) 64GB
  • Seagate 2TB FireCuda 530 M.2
  • EVGA 1000W Supernova G2 G+ Modular
  • Barrowch Icicle Series Composite Modularization Waterway Plate Case
  • Barrowch Chameleon Fish 2x 240mm Radiators
  • Barrowch 17w PWM Pump
  • Barrowch Cable and Pump Cover
  • Barrowch Temp Guage
  • Lian Li Unifan SL120's
  • EK Quantum Momentum Full Nickel Crosshair VIII Monoblock
  • EK Vector Red Devil GPU Water Block
  • EK Quantum Torque Fittings
  • Bitspower fittings


And, without further ado, here are the pictures (some of which weren’t included in his original post):


fire and ice.JPG

fire and ice_3.JPG












fire and ice_2.JPG     fire and ice_6.JPG


fire and ice_7.JPGfire and ice_8.JPG












fire and ice_4_sm.JPG

Thank you @eebiii for sharing Fire and Ice with us! I have to know, which game are you currently playing?