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Building Your Own Case - 2023 Edition

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
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I'm looking for some new case design ideas for a build in the summer to fall of 2023.  I have a few ideas of items that could be used to house computer components, such as an old Klipsch subwoofer or perhaps an old cooler from the Boy Scout days of the 1990s.  I feel confident in modding an existing device, but not so much in constructing a new case out of wood or things of this nature.  I like the 'appliance' idea, but it would help to have lots of suggestions from fellow modders.  Below is that old subwoofer I mentioned, which would just barely be big enough to house a micro-ATX motherboard and a graphics card.  Where the woofer is currently located, I would probably apply a wire mesh to help with ventilation.

Do you have some ideas for me to consider?  Keep in mind that I have several months to think about this.  If there is an idea that sounds good to me but I don't have the item on hand, then it will take time to find it - that's one reason to start thinking about this now.

It would be a tight fit, but this subwoofer might work.It would be a tight fit, but this subwoofer might work.

About the Author
I've been building and modding computers since the year 2000. My first computer was an Osborne Executive in 1983. That makes me old but I still build a machine (only AMD-based computers) once a year for fun.