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Adept II

Update cooler for 5800X3D

Iam on 5800X3D and be quit pure rock (not pure rock 2) in fractal design define R5. My temps were quite acceptable (used it really for a short time with few games) before I launched Battlefield 5 and started hitting 90c. I didnt do undervolt yet. I will do and If this will not help enough I will need to improve cooling.

1/ do you please think I can get considerable improvement If I just change fan on my pure rock to be some beast? Something like Noctua NF-A12x25?

2/ If I decide to update cooler completely and go Be Quiet Dark Rock 4 I can keep the MLB mount, right please? At least on pictures it looks same, except color which I dont mind.
If you dont get what I mean please see picture bellow, I beleive I should be able to just take part higlighted in red bellow and instal heatsink on current pure rock MLB mount.


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Volunteer Moderator

I would suggest two options - either change the fan to one with more air flow, or add a second fan to match the current fan in a push-pull configuration (assuming you have room on the other side of the heatsink).  I've used tie-wraps to hold a second fan onto some heatsinks since they generally only give you one set of the fan spring clips.

Using two LED fans on a CoolerMaster 212 RGB CPU cooler.Using two LED fans on a CoolerMaster 212 RGB CPU cooler.

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

Thank You for the feedback! May I ask which CPU you cool with this?
Seems I will need to decide If will first try my current heat sink with Noctua NF-A12x25 or just buy new complete cooler. Iam afraid I will buy Noctua NF-A12x25 and find out its not enough and will need to buy new cooler anyway. On other hand If Noctua NF-A12x25 not enough for CPU I could use it as case PULL IN, I have only 1 IN and one OUT there currently.

Pitty nobody able to tell me yes, that will work! Need to try.
PS: I hate taking out cooler, take out paste and apply new.

Volunteer Moderator

I am using this configuration on the AMD 5600 CPU, so it's only a six-core and not overclocked.  Your best choice is to add a second fan to your configuration and give it a shot.  It's your cheapest solution (in my opinion) and having an extra 120mm fan in your toolbox if it doesn't work out is no big loss.  I have a box of fans, all the way from 40mm to 80mm to 120mm that I've bought over the years.  I have chipset cooler fans and also a bunch of used fans.  I've been building computers since 2000.

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

Ok, so after CO -30 all cores and some not aggresive power limits (120,90,120) temperature reach 77-82 during Battlefield 2042. Its usable but I will probably cool it more :-).

BTW guys, regarding 2nd fan, according to gamer nexus it seems it doeant have big impact:

The Ryzen 5800X3D has a high TDP wattage of 105 watts. So you would need a powerful Air or AIO CPU Cooler to keep it from overheating under very heavy loads.

If this is the Bequiet Pure Rock LP CPU Cooler you have it is under powered for your processor PURE ROCK LP:

Screenshot 2023-08-23 200152.png

The above Air CPU Cooler is rated only at TDP 100 watts which is very under powered for your Ryzen.

All the Bequiet Pure Rock 2 CPU Coolers are rated at TDP 150 Watts with a maximum of 2 fans in a Push-Pull Configuration. This should be enough to keep your Ryzen below 90c under heavy loads.

Here is AMD Recommended CPU Coolers for all Ryzen TDP 105 Watt rated Processors:

Screenshot 2023-08-23 200624.png

The Air CPU Cooler that @BigAl01 is a very good CPU Cooler rated at 150 watts TDP. I have a similar older model the CoolerMaster Hyper212 EVO which is strong enough to keep my FX8650 (TDP 120 Watts) and Ryzen 3700X (TDP rated 65 Watts) cool without overheating under any types of loads.

thank you for complex reply

Adept II

Good god dude, buy a 360 AIO... You will get sufficient cooling.

B550 Unify - 5800X3D - 7900XTX - 32GB RAM

No need to spend extra money. He can go with budget cooler with high TDP.... 360 AIO is total waste of money...

Ehh no, no it isn't. Actually really depends what kind of climate you live in with your pc. 


My X3D can't be cooled properly by anything besides at 360 or at the very least a 280 at stock settings.


Please do some research before saying someone is wrong when they clearly know what they're talking about.

B550 Unify - 5800X3D - 7900XTX - 32GB RAM

I am not getting in to an argument with you, what you said just proved that your knowledge is zero


Iam trying to avoid AIO, thanks for feedback anyway

Why? You said you want good cooling.

B550 Unify - 5800X3D - 7900XTX - 32GB RAM

Get ARCTIC Freezer 34 eSports DUO . its probably about 40$ or 40 EUR where you live. TDP is 200 watts. i run my 7900X with it and i am fine. be aware if you undervolt your CPU you will get lower temps and better performance. In case you are hitting 90 degrees i would say it is mandatory to undervolt it.

You can also try to undervolt it before you change your cooler and keep your current cooling solution

If you prefer other brand, just look for DUAL FAN cooler with high TDP and low noise ratio Best of luck!

thank you very much man! I like that thing, its small, I would not like cooler almost touching my GPU.
I checked some reviews and yes Be Quiet Dark Pro 4 is 2C better but that thing is big and double the price!
What is the Magic? Double fan?

This one also doesn't look bad, little bit cheaper here than Artic and 2C better in test

The link you shared is a single fan cooler, you need dual fan cooler

hallo, can you please elaborate more why only cooler with two fans is the way to go?

Dual fan cooler will drop another 10 degrees compared to same model single Fan cooler but first you can try undervolting and keep your current cooler It sounds like your situation aint too bad, so try undervoliting first, you might be fine with the cooler you already have.

If you are looking for a powerful but smaller Air CPU Cooler for SFF type PC cases, as an example,

Noctua does have similar CPU Coolers as the one I posted an image of but they are not cheap and are expensive. But they do have a 6 year warranty and I believe high TDP ratings.

Here is Noctua CPU Compatible list for Air CPU Coolers for the 5800X3D:

Edit: here is CoolerMaster CPU COOLER TDP Compatibilty chart:

Thanks for additional info, guess what I already ordered Arctic 34 duo and then cancelled the order as I found out it doesnt fit my Asus Tuf X570 gaming plus MB as bellow. Going to find another smaller cooler with simmilar performance.

It is a standard ATX MB, no reason it will not fit... I think the guy from the forum just does not know how to install CPU cooler. How i did it???

Dont forget that the best option is to keep your current CPU cooler, try undervolting, this will drop 15-25 degrees right away! Download Ryzen master. Check youtube and forums for ready clock speed and voltage. I run my 7900X at 5.1ghz and 1.065 volts at 130 watts. This is giving me 35-40 degrees on idle, 50 degrees while gaming and 75 degrees under 100% workload for unlimited time. Your CPU should be cooler, you should be looking at 65 degrees under 100% workload. Just need to play with the clock and voltages

Hallo, the problem is back plate on this Asus MLB, If you check his pictures, the stand cant go all the way down, its not just this post I found 3 more.

I already started some tuning yesterday, CO -30 all cores, PPT 120 TDC 90 EDC 120, in BF 2042 77-82 C, I had there before 100,70,100 but that caused problems (loosing display signal)

I would say you may get better results if you just use static clock and voltages. I had 65 degrees on my 5950X with the arctic A34 (with dual fan). imagine running a 16 core CPU at 65 degrees under 100% workload for unlimited time.....

Adept II

Let me update current decision status

Story for those who interested: I have 5800X3D (currently CO -30 all cores,power limits 120,90,120) using Be quiet Pure Rock cooler which seems not enough as in BF 2042 I hit 82C. Well maybe thats acceptable for the chip? ..but anyway I would like to improve that. I would like to have rather smaller cooler, I ordered ARCTIC Freezer 34 eSports DUO but than cancelled the order as I found it doesnt work with my ASUS TUF gaming X570-PLUS MB (would need different backplate). Another in the que was ID-COOLING SE-226-XT BLACK but I also found he has smaller brother.

Question: For my purpose which is gaming (=I will not stress chip 100%) would you recommend or

226 is here 45$, 224 is here 29$, both insane values! 224 is roughly same performance as esport duo and much cheaper,almost half! I dont mind extra 15$ for 226, but I like 224 is smaller, better access to GPU etc. but 226 should cool better? But according to this test the difference is like 2C: it because they used 3600X and with 5800X3D the difference would be bigger?

My case is fractal Design Define R5.
Seems for 226 I would have to buy long screwdriver as I dont have one at home.


IS 82 degrees under 100% workload? Are you testing with cinebench?

Its when playing Battlefile 2042

And how many degrees you are getting when rendering with cinebench r23?

I didnt try that, expecting 90+ and throttling, I can try once get new cooler

Journeyman III

Hello guys I have MB: Asus tuf b550 plus, CPU: R7 5800x3d, RAM:32gb, GPU R7800xt, and i use arctic liquid freezer ii 280 a-rgb v.1 to try get 5800x3d cool. On idle or simple use cpu is 36-50 degree looks ok, but on gaming average temp is 86 degree and hit 90+ and i dont think its ok. I try down voltage but that not a solution, i wanna try Deepcool LS720, 360mm A-RGB CPU Liquid Cooler, itsTDP: 300W and will ask what u guys think about that?