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Journeyman III



I am a little confuse about the Threadripper generation numbering. At the front page for Threadripper, there is a video about how they build gen 3, but when I scroll down it seems like they talk about gen2 ?

What is the newest Threadripper? Have the new 5950x replaced the old Threadripper? Though it looks like the old ones are still faster with a lot more cores? Also 5950x is all sold out anyway.

 I will use it for Unreal, where builds and packaging is way to slow at the moment. 





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First gen Threadripper includes the following:

  • 1900X (8 cores)
  • 1920X (12 cores)
  • 1950X (16 cores)

Second gen:

  • 2920X (12 cores)
  • 2950X (16 cores)
  • 2970WX (24 cores)
  • 2990WX (32 cores)

Third gen:

  • 3960X (24 cores)
  • 3970X (32 cores)
  • 3990X (64 cores)
  • 3945WX (12 cores)
  • 3955WX (16 cores)
  • 3975WX (32 cores)
  • 3995WX (64 cores)

All Threadripper chips are on 4094-pin LGA sockets.  The first two generations use the X399 chipset.  The third generation uses the TRX40 chipset for the X parts, which are available on motherboards you can purchase, and the WRX80 chipset for the WX parts, which are OEM only (basically just Lenovo at this point, last I checked).

There are no Zen 3 Threadripper chips yet announced.  One can only hope they will expand the non-OEM versions back to lower core counts, because starting at 24 cores with Zen 2 was an incredibly stupid decision.

The 5950X is a consumer-level chip running on AM4, which has extremely limited PCIe lanes and just two memory channels.

Getting a third-gen Threadripper chips looks to be not particular easy right now, with stock low and prices high.  Unless, perhaps, you go with an OEM solution via Lenovo.