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Journeyman III

Threadripper 3960x Idle Temperatures

Hi everyone,

I was wondering whether my 3960x idle temps of 40-50 degrees celcius in Ryzen Master are normal or not because they seem quite high to me (Cinebench r20 load temps are 70-80 degrees celcius). Even if i spin up the fans to 100% the idle temp doesn't go below 40 degrees celcius. My AIO Pump is fully functional and working at 100% the whole time.

My current configuration (all components where bought a few days ago):

Threadripper 3960x

Asus ROG Zenith II Extreme

Enermax Liqtech II TR4 360mm AIO

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Thermal Paste

I have a very good airflow in my case, ambient temperatures are 23 degrees celcius and all the latest drivers, BIOS version etc. are installed.

What temperatures do you get with your setup? Thanks for your replies and have a nice day!

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Re: Threadripper 3960x Idle Temperatures

gallus, please post a screenshot of Ryzen Master (RM) - simply drag-n-drop the image into your reply.  Please do not run HWinfo or any other junk applications - they just confuse the issue.  I have a 2990WX and it is showing 35C right now with the system doing little.  I always run my pump and all four fans on full speed - 12 Volts from the power supply.  Ambient is 18C now - need to turn on the heat.  Thanks and enjoy, John.

Journeyman III

Re: Threadripper 3960x Idle Temperatures

Here is the screenshot. I didn't change any settings (not in the BIOS and not in Ryzen Master) everything is running stock.