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Journeyman III

Stuttering on my FX- 8370

Hi Community 

Okay so before I start here are my PC specs:
AMD FX-8370 8-Core

Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6GB


750 Watt PSU



Windows 10 Home

Okay so I have had a 500 Watt PSU in this rig of mine and it wasnt enough, so I got a 750 Watt. And ever since then every 5 mins or so during a game my CPU would stutter. How do I know, well I check the Task Manager under the Performance tab I see that for about 5-10 even 15 seconds my CPUs utilization would be cut in more than half. I have attached an Image of what happens. Sorry I cant give a more detailed description. But this happens across the board with all my games. Also when I had my 500W PSU it didnt do this, it started since I put the new one in.

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So what was the 500W PSU doing that prompted you to replace it?  If you can put it back in and the problem clears up, you might want to think about returning that PSU.   First, though, double check your wiring inside the case just to make sure you have all the connections to the PSU & motherboard correct.  BTW, the FX-8370 is very, very slow compared to any Ryzen available--I'd even call it obsolete in the performance sense for playing 3d games.  Perhaps when you upgrade to a newer motherboard with DDR4 support and a Ryzen cpu you can still use the GPU and the PSU, SSD, HDD, and peripherals.  Whatever your issue, it apparently happened when you replaced the PSU.


I upgraded the PSU because I didn't have enough power, my GPU would loose signal to the monitor and the fans would speed up, so I borrowed my brothers PSU (750W) and stress tested it as as well. My GPU behaved on my brothers PSU but... it also gave the stutter in the games. I didnt think too much of it. I did multiple times unplug all the cables and plug them in again, made sure everything is connected and the same stuff happens. And both GPU and CPU temp doesn't exceed 65 degrees Celsius when it does stutter. I currently have no way to upgrade till the end of next year so im stuck with this one for another year and a half. That's why I desperately need a Fix or Solution.  

Journeyman III

Usman Randera India

I assembled more than 15 pieces of FX-8370, previous models need additional cooler but after wraith cooler heating issue was solved, exactly because of overclocking it needs PSU more than 700watt. FX-8370 is still very good with it price range. Ryzen 5, 7 series are also too good but the price is some more high, My req. pl. try to stuck with AM4 Socket as the previous AM3, AM3+ as it might be given a Good Impression to your customer. Intel up to LGA775 socket was ok, but changing it Socket with the name of Generation we do no recommend Intel as costumer suffer from bad experience.

Adept III

500W should be okay. If the 1060 looses signal to the monitor that's got nothing to do with the power supply.

It could be that the processor isn't being cooled properly. How old is the thermal paste? If it's more than 18 months old then change it. Are you using a stock cooler? If so try the Cooler Master 212 evo or the smaller Antec a40 pro. Thermal Grizzly Hydronaut is a very good paste. You can use a small screwdriver to put a rice-grain-size blob of thermal paste on the CPU in the middle. Also use it to straighten any bent pins. Renew the paste every 12–18 months.

The 1060 might have a faulty monitor port so try another port.

Renew the paste on the 1060. Apply it across the whole graphics-card processor.