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Journeyman III

Solution for Integrated Graphics crashing on AMD Ryzen 9 7950x

Shared previously on Reddit, sharing now as it will probably help more people here.
Like most AMD owners, I've been having all sorts of issues with integrated graphics:

- Chrome crashing with hardware acceleration

- Artifacts on Windows 11 start menu (red squares)

- Directx games crashing

After some fiddling, I eventually fixed the problem by changing bios settings.

My motherboard is ASUS ROG STRIX X670E-E GAMING WIFI, yours might be slightly different.

Set the GPU Boost like the following screenshot, the GPU clock frequency has to be typed manually:


To find out which clock frequency you have to type, go the your processor webpage in AMD's website and scroll down until you see the Graphics Capabilities section.There, you'll see the frequency used by the Integrated GPU.


Reboot and hopefully enjoy.

This fixed all graphics issues I had with my IGPU, hope it does the same to you.

AMD should release a fix for this, this should work out of the box without requiring people to experiment and fiddle with settings to make the system stable.

PS: If this fixes the issue for you, can you please share which processor do you have ? Thank you.


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