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Adept I

Ryzen 9 7950x3d new PC build crashing under load/overheating?

I have a new build and when I am playing Helldivers 2, my PC will occasionally shut off. I tried updating the drivers that are provided through armoury crate and the AMD software. But the shut off continues to happen. There is no warning or indication on the system and the shutdown will happen in the middle of playing. After the shutdown, I am able to immediately turn back on the PC and recieved no warning messages or indicators of a bad fault having occured.


I had the system diagnostic open while playing and checking it after the fact, when it shut off, the CPU did get above 90C and then it shut off soon after. My immediate suspicion is that it is over heating. Because even idle the CPU is around 55 to 60C. And when playing it is around ~85+. 

Checking the specs, it says the CPU should be good and operating up to 95C. But that is the only possible explanation I have right now after bring it into a Microcenter and them checking it out and replacing parts I bought from them after my initial build attempts failed. 

Any suggestions or other possible causes I should look into? 

I am using fan cooling, it is a new fan. 

4080 Super GPU

64GB RAM Triden Z5 2x32

RYZEN 9 7950X3D 

ASUS Tuff Gaming 1000W


My immediate thought is looking at how the fan was installed to ensure it is doing proper heat transfer, maybe they did not put appropriate paste on it or the contact with the CPU is poor so bad heat transfer. 


Thank you for any help

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Journeyman III

... You do need to test in another software because Helldivers 2 is crashing left and right.

But yeah, that temp could be better.

If it was just the game crashing, for sure. But the entire PC is shutting down. Which is obviously no bueno and should not be tied to helldivers 2 at all. Right?


Those processes should be fully isolated.


Unless it is a BSOD or some other system crash. But not, straight up, the computer turns off.

Big Boss

Fiesta, first get all your AMD drivers from here. Get other vendor drivers (nVidia, etc) for their website. Stay away from armoury crate. Please DL Ryzen Master (RM) from here. Please post a Screenshot of RM (only) running Cinebench R24 Multi-core. Thanks and enjoy, John.


I just noticed as well that my MoBo BIOS is not the most recent version (1807 currently, online newest as of 02/07/2024 is 2413) . Would you advise me to also do a BIOS flash update before attempting this? I have all the other components ready and installed/updated to my knowledge from the direct sites. 

NEW ISSUE HAS PRESENTED: Ryzen Master will not initialize. After completing a GPU driver update with the GeForce Experience application, I am unable to initialize the Ryzen Master application. It worked before that, but now after. the software will not initialize. it says, Ryzen Master unable to initialize, kindly reinstall the program. Hence Aborting!


I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program 3 times, and restarted the computer. same result. I have the AMD Software: Adrenaline Edition, which has a button in it that brings me to the Download Ryzen Master page. but still. even downloading from the page again and trying, has not worked. 

I still have not flashed mobo to get that most up to date as the clean USB I had on hand was broken. I will pick up on on the 28th to try again outside of work hours in hopes that resolves the problem. 


Hi, TJMax for 7950X3D is 89ºC so you are above what is safe.

Time to check that cooler, follow the recommended ones here: 

The Englishman

johnnyenglish, why do you say the temperatures of ~85 are above what is safe if Tj Max is 89C? Seems to me that 89C should be safe and throttling should keep from going over 89C. Thanks, John.


@Fiesta wrote:

"CPU did get above 90C and then it shut off soon after."

And AMD states 89 max temperature. 

Probably the CPU hit the trip limit and powered down. I'm not guessing, I'm merely reading what he said. 

The Englishman

Sorry, johnnyenglish, missed that. Enjoy, John.

The Ryzen 9 7950x3D has a very high TDP rating for a Non-ThreadRipper processor of 120 watts. Here are the important specs from AMD:

Max. Operating Temperature (Tjmax) : 89°C
Default TDP: 120W

I checked my CPU Fan box, it is a Dark Rock Pro 5, 270w TDP

Do you believe that would be sufficient to keep it cool even under idle loads if properly installed?

My computer room i slightly warmer and my desk is probably not the most conducive to airflow. So I may have to go with liquid cooling. I do have a suspicion that the fan may be improperly installed or maybe the thermal paste is not properly done and applied. so that is definitely on the list of things to do. 

Truthfully, in my personal opinion, your CPU does have a high TDP rating then most Non-ThreadRipper processors.  Most are 105 watts or lower.  According to @johnnyenglish  link which is the same one I have your Air CPU Cooler should be able to prevent your CPU from overheating under any loads.

Your Dark Rock Pro 5 Air CPU Cooler is a strong CPU Cooler and it should prevent the CPU from overheating and run much cooler under idle conditions.

When you installed both fans on the CPU Cooler, did you install it in a Push-Pull configuration?

If you have both Fans installed pushing in air or pulling out air it will definitely lower the heat efficiency of the unit. 

You need to have one Fan pushing in air from one side and the second fan pulling air out from the other side to get the maximum air flow through your CPU Cooler heat sink.

If you have the fans installed incorrectly in a PUSH-PUSH or PULL-PULL configuration that is probably why your CPU is running hot or overheating. 

If the fans are installed correctly then try to use an aggressive CPU Cooler Fan profile either through software or in BIOS so that the fans running at maximum speed at a lower temperature.

Make sure the Heat sink is correctly installed on the processor making a even tight fit. That all the screws are tightened until they stop but no further since you can strip the screw hole.

Too check air flow inside your PC remove the side panel and see if your CPU temperatures are slightly lower than what you are getting with your PC closed.

Make sure all of your PC Case fans are working normally. 

My wife's PC case has two fans, front and rear, in her Cyberpower PC case. The rear fan burnt out which I found out after I kept seeing her CPU Temperature running very hot and almost overheating under regular use. Replaced the Rear fan with a much stronger case fan and the CPU temps are actually much lower than before, as an example only.

You can also have a floor fan aimed directly inside your opened PC case and see if CPU Temperatures are lower or not.

A hot ambient room above 85F will cause your CPU to run hotter than in a room around 78f-82F as an example. Hot room will push in hot air to the CPU.

You can check your CPU Cooler by stress testing your processor using OCCT  CPU, GPU, & PSU tests. Make sure you keep a very close eye on CPU and GPU Temperatures, Fan speeds, and PSU Outputs. In OCCT set the maximum CPU Temperature to 89c so that OCCT will automatically shut down the test once the CPU temp reaches 89c.


This is greatly appreciated and I will take it into account. I am going to follow some of misterj's suggestions as well and test the system in that way and report my result. I may need to still do a BIOS flash to update the MB as it currently is an older version than the most recent. 

Adept I


I still have not been able to figure it out because Ryzen master wont consistently open in a state allowing me to actually open and run the application, the program will not initialize and run appropriately. I am trying to solve that at the times I am able to then test. I have been mimizing my use of the system on high settings. at this point while I work on resolving that. 

Adept I


This is me running Cinebench multicore as I was advised. and what was happening near the end. I can share more screenshots as requested. I took many throughout the process but could only upload so much at one time here. Screenshot (22).jpg


Is this appropriate or not? unless otherwise advised I will take remove and double check the fan to make sure it is fully seated properly and also has an appropriate amount of thermal paste on it. 


As overheating is my only possible explanation for my isssues that corresponds to all the issues. 

According to your screenshot your processor is not overheating (below 89c) and it isn't throttling by either the processor or motherboard.


In my opinion that screenshot show you have a stable running PC even it is running a little bit hot under stress but not overheating.


You can try to have a more aggressive CPU Fan curve  if possible to make the CPU Cooler fan to rum at maximum at a lower temperature.


I would touch your CPU Cooler since it is doing its job and preventing your processor from reaching 89C.


Download OCCT and run all 3 tests and see if either your GPU or CPU overheats during the tests. Kept an eye of temperatures, Fan speeds, and PSU Outputs.


The temperatures have been peaking at 80 and I was told by others hear that 80 is the limit that the CPU will experience, beyond that it is operating in unsafe zones. 

I have increased the fans curve, it goes to 100% at 75c and it still is hitting 80. previously before using Ryzen Master which apparently has CPU drivers. the PC was hitting 90c and then my PC would shut down. 

and by OCCT you mean the application from this site correct?