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Journeyman III

Ryzen 7 7840hs High Temperature

I currently use a laptop, HP OMEN 16, with the Ryzen 7 7840hs and rtx 4060. I noticed that my cpu temps were going quite high, 90+ degrees in games like cyberpunk 2077.
So i used Universal Tuning Utility to limit the APU temp to 80 degrees Celsius. This actually brought the temps down from 95+ to 72 degrees, a MASSIVE drop. I didnt change any other setting like APU Power Tuning, APU VRM Tuning etc. My question is , is this a correct thing to do? Limiting the temperature without any changes to cpu power draw ? Will it cause issues like stability etc?

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Big Boss

JohnnyGat, your maximum temperature is 100C, so 95C is OK. Laptops tend to run hot. What are you using to measure temperature? Thanks and enjoy, John.


Hello misterj, thank you for the reply.

I used a couple of different softwares to measure the temperature. One was a built in HP Software called Omen Gaming Hub , and the other was HwINFO. Thing is , my cpu temp shot up to 100 yesterday on cyberpunk, and a couple mins later the game crashed. Why I am so concerned is the fact that my friend has the same laptop. In fact, he is the one who recommended it . But on his laptop, even under heavy gaming load, his cpu doesnt go above 70 degrees. It could be due to the fact that he lives in Munich, Germany while I live in a tropical country with high summer temps. Still, it was concerning me because my game kept crashing as soon as temps hit 99-100. Which is why I used Universal Tuning Utility to limit it . So i just wanna know, is what im doing safe ?


JohnnyGat, I am a user like you and cannot speak for AMD. It sounds like to me you have a defective machine. I would talk to your seller for a replacement. I assume you cannot run Ryzen Master, but please try it. Third party utilities seem to be faulty at best. I do not know why AMD chooses to not provide a utility for some processors and this it is a serious oversight. Thanks and enjoy, John.