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Journeyman III

Ryzen 7 3700X temperatures

So my computer is one year old, and I have the ryzen 7 3700X with the Wraith Prism as a cooler, and my cpu temps sit at between 45ºC-65ºC. When I´m not doing anything it´s when the temps are lower, but as soon as I open a twitch stream or watch a youtube video, the temps go to about 60ºC-68ºC and then comes back to like 55ºC-60ºC. When I´m playing a game like GTA5 the temperatures tend to stay below the 75ºC. I´m opening this discussion because I´ve seen a lot of places saying that idle temperatures need to be below 50ºC or even 45ºC, so I´m kinda worried about my cpu, to the point that I don´t know if I´m being just dumb or should be concerned. Thank you and sorry for any errors in writting I dont speak english.

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Perform the usual first solution: replacing the thermal paste and reseating the cooler.

If the CPU stays below 75ºC under load then it's mostly OK. Just to be sure, you can run a test that will push your CPU to the real 99-100% load for a few minutes and check the temps (personally, I use OCCT for similar quick tests, for example).

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Make sure on the Wraith Prism you have the CPU Cooler switch (tiny black switch on side of prism case)  set to "Performance" and not "Quiet".

Also I have a 3700X that I am using a CoolerMaster Hyper 212 ECO with a push-pull fan configuration. One of the fan I needed to replace with a High Flow/Volume velocity fan to get my processor to stay under 60c under any loads.

The 3700X TDP rating I believe is much higher than what AMD states at 65 Watts. It acts more like a 105 watt TDP processor in my opinion.

Generally my 3700x fluctuates between 48c and 58c under normal use and around 60-63 under very heavy cpu load but briefly. But that is still way below the processor's Maximum Operating Temperature of 95c. So I just ignore it and just keep an eye on the temps using a Desktop Gadget that uses Temp Core that I adjust using Ryzen Master temperatures.

If I ever see my CPU temps go above 70c I will start troubleshooting to see why it is going higher than normal. I found out that when my temps sometimes reaches above 60c is due to my PC being dirty including the CPU Cooler heat sink and fans. Once i clean it well the temps go below and stays below 60c.

NOTE: The 3700X is engineered to run normally up to 95c. So your temps are very good since it is no where near its maximum operating temperature.

I would start worrying if CPU temps start going above 85c or reaches 95c. Then I would definitely check the CPU cooler for proper operation and the PC air flow is good inside the PC Case.

I recommend this cooler for your CPU and you will have good temperatures: (ARCTIC Freezer 34 eSports DUO) and put the new paste that comes with the cooler!