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Journeyman III

Ryzen 5600x high temperature

hi! I tell you that I recently assembled a pc with a ryzen 5600x, mother b550 mk asus, 16gb corsair, rtx 2060 and I have a corsair cabinet with 4 factory fans.

My query is the following my pc at rest is around 50 ° and when I run a game like the assasin creed odissey it reaches 88 °.

I have the factory fan and the thermal paste that it carries is the Artic mx4, I wanted to know if the same thing happens to someone else because they seem to me exaggerated temperatures
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Adept III

I have a very similar set up to you and recently upgraded to a 5600X and I was surprised how cool it ran. However, your temps do seem a little warm, the stock coolers are best described as 'adequate' and investing in an after market cooler is probably your best option, I run a be quiet dark rock slim and my temps are in the 30's at idle and in the 50's-60's when stressing/gaming.


I do not believe. I have fera 3 cooler with two fan and case with 6 fan and in stress I have 75 - 80C, in game max 80C. 

I have my cpu some problem? Is this a reason for a complaint?