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Journeyman III

Hello everyone, and a question

Hello everyone,

I just bought a prebuilt AMD desktop and will have some questions regarding the components and their setup, because the thermals system reads seems a little bit too high for my perception.

I am a newcomer to desktop pc after 10+ years and see that the technology has dramatically shifted, so please bare in mind if some questions seems a little bit stupid

Also, if I need some whitelisting in order to be able to post to the forum I would be so grateful.
So, without further due here are some questions for starters:

1) Is 70 degrees celsius for cpu vcore considered normal when browsing the internet?
During gaming the temp rises at about 80.
2) the gpu temp, when framerates are not restricted can climb to 95 degrees C and junction goes at 105.
If I limit fps at 72 it drops to around 70 (GPU), 80 (GPU-J) C, but then I ask myself why did I bought such a high end specs PC.
When the framerates are not restrained they go all up to 240+ depending on the game.
I've tried searching for the temp specs on my GPU which is AMD Radeon RX6800 non XT but was unable to find them online.
For the CPU which is AMD Ryzen 9 5900X I found that the max temp is 95 C.
3) My CPU speed is well above it's base clock of 3.7Ghz and I am not sure why because BIOS settings are factory default (mostly Auto) and I haven't overclocked it.
Also the VCore voltage is around 1.4 and I understood that it should be defaulting at 1.2.

4) Is this too much thermal paste applied?















5) Would you consider these voltages and temps normal?


6) Can this "pig tail" cable setup be the cause for gpu overheating?


7) Are these three fans considered enough for this desktop spec?

When I say three fans I mean one at the back and two in the front which are part of a CORSAIR Hydro H115iPRO RGB Liquid cooling system.

Why, when I use Full Speed option on Auto Fan Setup, only the fan on the back starts spinning full speed and the two on the front do not?



9) I've noticed that the CPU fan is the only one in these settings which shows numbers in percentage column, but I have also noticed that it's RPM doesn't drop below the 100% value.
Does this mean it's overheating and why is that so?


10) Is there something strange on other fans settings? Why some of them don't show RPM or the values related to the percentage column?














11) I would want to monitor my system performance and determine the bottlenecks if any, what software do you recommend for this?

Sorry for the long list, but I am really concerned about the temps, and all the info you can share on this matter is more than welcome.
Thank you in advance.

Best regards,



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