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Journeyman III

Ryzen 5 5600X, Tuf B550m-plus- weird PBO behavior

hi, i have problem with stability of my CPU, but it acts very weird. if i turn on PBO scalar 6x and more and then If i dont use fans from back of case then CPU runs with higher Voltages and watts, if i turn fan on, then voltages go down and also watts.... it depends on PBO scalar, if i set it on 2x then its stable, but clock throtteling even with very low temp (65 celsium). If i set it to 6x and more then clock throtteling at 68 celsium but it bring that problem with fluctating of Voltage and Wattage depending on case fans.


i have all saving features turned off with 1.38V and 130W, 4850mhz on load, with temperature depending on those factors like scalar, but its on avarage about 66-68 celsium.


this CPU should throttle on much higher temp like 85+ celsium, can anyone help where could be problem?

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