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Journeyman III

wierd problem ryzen 5 5500


a couple of days ago i ordered a ryzen 5 5500 and i noticed a wierd problem, can anyone help?

i have a msi a320m pro-vh plus motherboard


link for exlaination: 

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Big Boss

r55500, please just explain with words what you think is weird. Also post all you system's parts. Thanks and enjoy, John.


it's hard to exlain, but ill give it a try.

when on the background screen (the first screen you see when unlocking your pc) and you click and drag on the screen, when you pass a sertain point you will hear a crackling sound and my mouse will stop working. when this happens i also hear a usb unplugging sound en reconnecting sound. i only have this problem with this cpu, so its not the bios or any other software i think. i also hear the sound when talking in discord and in loading screens of games. my friends in discord also say that they hear my mic crackle if i load anything or click and drag on my homescreen. sometimes in games my mousee also randomly stops responding for a second. so i think it maybe a problem with like a usb centre in the cpu? 



r5 5500

msi a320m pro-vh plus motherboard

rtx 2060

corsair vengence 32gb rgb ram

600w psu


Thanks, r55500, not much to go on, but it sounds like a MB problem. Please open a service request with your vendor. Is your mouse and/or KB USB or wireless? Please look in the Event Viewer and post any errors. Enjoy, John.