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Ryzen 5 4600G retail

Hey everyone

I have a question. It seems amd is releasing the ryzen 5 4600G apu for retail. Have they anounced the exact date when it will be available? I have only seen the 4100 and 4500 listed online and they aren't available to buy yet.


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No exact release date given yet.

Be careful where you purchase the future Ryzen 5 4600G because retail sites like Ebay sells the OEM 4600g which won't have the AMD Warranty on it.

The Retail version of the Ryzen 5 4600g will come in a Official sealed AMD Retail box.  If it doesn't it isn't the Retail version but rather the OEM verison.

Yes that is true. There was a seller from Korea selling the 4650G it boxed for 230 usd or so. It seems to have be available in that region for a while now. This youtuber goes through all of the new releases except the 4600G. It's not in english language hopefully someone can translate. 


Seems like a bit of a scam website in the vid (Open Box items), or false advertising. I'm not going there to check what they are actually selling.

'Open box' is usually, used or display item, but could also be a 'Tray' model ? 


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The video is from India he translated and said that it's not available yet. I wonder what is taking amd so long at $154 it's a good deal and really useful. It's the end of the am4 platform and they still are missing profits by taking so long to release budget apu's for consumers.