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Journeyman III

Ryzen 5 3600 reaching 95C within seconds of stress test

Today I got a Ryzen 5 3600. Installed it in Gigabyte B450 Gaming X board. At first I tried to use an aftermarket cooler - the Antec A30. It overheat immediately in stress test and clocked down to 3.6 GHz. Then I tried the stock cooler. Same problem. Within seconds of Prime95 or OCCT, the CPU reaches 95C limit. The CPU idles at 48C, case open, ambient temp 26C. Normal browsing temps at 63-68C.

I emptied my whole syringe of Arctic MX 4 by removing the cooler, reseating it with different amounts of thermal paste - the pea size, the X pattern and what not - 6 times! Everytime it's all the same temps.

I'm frustrated. My old Intel i5 3570 22nm never went beyond 75C under hours of stress test. 

The BIOS CPU setting is set to all default, (AMD cool quiet enabled), all auto, latest BIOS, no overclocking, and the CPU fan is set to run at full speed (it runs at 2500 RPM). My other specs: 550W Antec PSU, GTX 960 GPU, 8 GB Corsair RAM 3000 MHz.

I'm beginning to think the package is loosely fitted with the die from manufacturing. 

Please help. Should I RMA the processor?

Screenshots attached for temps and voltage

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Get a Better cooler, the Antec A30 just isnt enough for your new CPU, something like the Hyper 212 EVO or a cheap 240mm AIO from IDcooling would do better job than both the A30 and Wraith cooler, infact i have a Hyper 212 Evo and it runs even better/cooler (not to mention more silent at 100% fan speed) than the wraith prism that comes with my 3900x during testing/benchmarking. 

Also you should be using Ryzen Master to monitor your Ryzen CPU state as that is much more accurate than HWmonitor, plus you wont be able to see whether your cores are entering sleep mode (as they should be at idle) when  using any other monitoring software, but you can when using Ryzen Master.

Should also refrain from running more than one monitoring software at the same time cause the higher polling rate from them (HWinfo/HWmonitor) can sometimes prevent cores (especially for ryzen 3000 cpus) from entering sleep mode which can/will skew your test results a little.

Also close any other applications you may have running in the backround that isnt necessary for your system to run during testing/benchmarking, Apps like wallpaper Engine and some programs from the board manufacturer (not drivers) for example are known to cause high cpu temps at idle, All you really need to install are the base drivers for your hardware and the Chipset drivers that comes directly from AMD here then use Ryzen Balanced power plan (shows up after installing chipset drivers) or the default Balanced Power plan if its not there. Disable PBO if you havent already (you dont need it, the extra performance boost isnt worth it for the amount of extra heat that your going to get with it enabled) RGB settings can be changed directly using Gigabytes RGB fusion in the bios without having to install any other software, Any other software like steam etc you can install after your done doing test/benchmarks so that its eassier to check if a certain software/app that you installed is causing you issues.

Your Ryzen CPU temps with the stock wraith cooler idling at 48c with no load is to be expected when comparing it to an i5 (a 4 core 4 thread CPU) vs a Ryzen 3600 with its 6 core 12 threads and the ryzen 3600 cpu is just going to produce more heat as it has more cores and threads using higher and higher voltages per core as it boosts, and it being produced on a smaller process node isnt going to change that. For reference my 3900x idles at 40-42c and 77-79c when under load using a 360 AIO on an Ambient room temp of 30c.

Simple solution is to get a better cooler than what you have atm, I usually reccomend the Hyper 212 EVO for the 3600 and 3600x cause thats one of the cheapest tower cooler you can find that is almost always readily available for purchase online in any country/region, plus they have may models for the Hyper series you can choose from like the Hyper 212X which is slightly better than the EVO or the RGB versions if your into it for the looks, but if fan noise and CPU temp spikes are a big concern of yours then you can always go with a 240mm or above AIO cooler for your ryzen CPU.

Journeyman III

Hello, I think your problem in outdated BIOS on your motherboard. I had similar issue with my r5 3600, sudden spike to 85-95 C in (CTR) stress test.  And just by updating my BIOS everything solved. (Motherboard - ASUS TUF PRO Gaming, cooler - Gammax 300)

Journeyman III

I have a Ryzen 5 3600 as well and I just replaced the thermal paste on it not to long ago and I hit the same number in the test. Everyone worries about temps at some point. All I'm saying is the CPU is fine, the stress test is made to push it to full power to see if it will withstands the demand that games and programs are asking for these days or to make sure you have enough power to run in 100%. Other peoples opinions hardly help honestly so just tinker with the pc just don't apply changes right away most setting will explain their reason and purpose if you hover over it or google it and what doesn't make sense. It's honestly simple but time consuming, I still learn new things after new builds with new parts. even mixing old with new which has it's fixable issues as well.