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Journeyman III

ryzen 5 3600 lower clock

have a msi carbon pro ac b450 with ryzen 5 3600 aio cooled...oloy 32gb ddr4 3200...2x2tb sabrent nvme...evga 650w 80 gold psu...rog strix 1080ti....built around 3mth ago

ive always had occasional BSOD and numerous CDT when running games...finally got correct timings and voltage for oloy memory and things were a lot lot better

i still had annoying CDt on a cpl games but it was acceptable to an extent

then came Msfs 2020....constant CDTs

i have run memtest86 overnight with no errors at all and also used ryzen master on a 20min stability test with no issues......with aio cooler it may have got to 70 degrees by end of test

with trying everything possible in msfs and reinstalling windows/updates/drivers etc the issue persisted.

i then thought id try prime95

on blend test workers 4 5 11 12 failed instantly

on small fft test worker 11 failed within seconds and worker 12 would fail not long after

i then thought id try ryzen master to downclock  manual mode at max 4ghz with 1.28v prime95 on blend run for 10mins before i stopped it with no errors from workers

i then run msfs 2020 and i managed a 25min(approx)  VR flight with no CDT

have i got a faulty CPU or am i missing something




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Journeyman III

Re: ryzen 5 3600 lower clock

nobody have opinion/solution ???

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