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Journeyman III

Ryzen 5 3550h overheat

Hi, im using acer nitro 5 with ryzen 5 3550h and rx560x... Ive been using that laptop for 2 year and recently, my cpu has been throttling very much with temp over 90° and this thing never happen before... I already try to repaste my cpu with arctic mx 2 and clean the fan as well but it still throttling... Guessing that it might be because of the quality of my thermal paste, i changed to thermal grizzly kyronaut extreme since it was known for the quality... The same issue still persist except for the fact that it become more and more frequent until the stage that my laptop crashes few times (when im gaming)... Ryzen controller wont work on my laptop , even changing processor state isnt helping since if i change max processor state from 100% to 99%, my speed will be capped to 1.6ghz and im pretty sure that isnt normal since my base speed is at 2.10ghz so making max process state at 99% wont reduce the cpu clock by that much... The temp is okay when idle with gpu on 39° and cpu on 40°... Im on my dead end right now since i cant change my tdp using ryzen controller since it seems like the manufacturer has locked my laptop from being able to do so, and weirdly when i check my cpu staus using cpu z, it stated that my cpu tdp has been set to 15tdp by default when it supposed to be 35tdp... And i cant do nothing to change that... Someone please guide me on how to reduce this temp since i tried almost everything i could (ryzen controller, processor state, thermal paste, cooling pad) and it still overheat... And im only play games like valorant with all graphics set to low

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Is the CPU fan spinning at an appropriate RPM?  Check the BIOS to see if there's a way to set a more aggressive fan profile.

If the fan is spinning correctly, and you have nothing strange running in the background (mining malware, etc.), it's possible there's a defect with the CPU cooler.  A leak in the heat pipes can cause the fluid to evaporate out which will cause a cooling problem like you describe.  I've only ever seen this happen once though, so it's not a common occurrence but is possible.