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Adept II

Ryzen 3600 mostly reboots and some crash

I beg you i'm going crazy

Stock cooler (had some cheap coolermaster with the **bleep** "pin" block, was very hard to set it and it spilled paste on the sides, can this be the problem? inside is clean)
msi b450 gaming plus max
msi get force 1660 super 6gb
crucial ssd m2 250gb mx 500 2280 (windows 10 pro here) and seagate 1tb
be quiet pure power 11 500w
be quiet pure base case
hyper x  dimm fury refresh ram 3200 8x2
Pc is from early october, made it myself

Problem: mostly fast reboots, rare blue screens

Those reboots mostly always happens right after system start, by opening a video or using the search in windows, or else after a couple hours during some low activity like browsing, youtube or league of legends.

I never crashed in bios.
Never crashed during heavy gaming load or OCCT. ( bu i suppose it was jsut "stable day")

Now, after those reboots the ryzen behavior.. change and i have the core number 6 stuck like this: (also voltage stuck over 1.4 and higher temps)


This is idle but core 6 IS ALWAYS over 4mhz.
For some reason, the pc is 100% stable with this, never crashed or rebooted.
After restart it go back to normal (all cores go in idle, 35-40 idle temp) and the reboot lottery start.
I'm 100% clueless.

I updated everything, updated the bios, did 2 cicles of memtest and all OCCT stuff for 1h, 0 errors.
Windows is fully updated, i do dism/sfc often and no errors.
Bios settings are stock default, only xmp 1 enabled for 3200. (but disabling or going 2 for 3000 change nothing)

Now, most days the pc is stable, had even 18 consecutive days of no reboot until few days ago, i use it 14h/day.

Pc is recent, fresh windows pro 10 recent iso, the extra stuff at start are just mouse program, mozilla maint, realtek audio and Nvidia display.

Do pc load with something wrong?
Is cpu defective/damaged? (but still can work well for 18 days?)
Maybe the mobo or something is sending wrong voltage? How do i check? I don't have more ryzen or recent mobo around.

1 Solution

If your computer is working properly with 34 multiplier, we will give 36 multiplier and we will increase the voltage. You will probably be using your PC without any problems. That's all! The reason for this voltage boosting requirement is because you don't have a good BIOS or a good PSU. But your random restart problem is still puzzling me.

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