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Journeyman III

Ryzen 2200g doesnt display

Hello community everything came up when I decided to build a new pc, I bought the next components:

* 1 motherboard AsRock B350-HDV

* Ryzen 2200g

* EVGA 450W BT supply

* 2x 4gb ram Patriot 2400Mhz

* 1tb Toshiba 7200 rpm

As you already guess when I built everything and when  I turnedo on the screen didnt display nothing I figured out that my motherboard need a update to be able to detect the Ryzen 2200g, so a friend lend me the A10-9700 ( is compatible with the motherboard), but when I plugged everything i had the same mistake. I really dont know what to do, i plugged the speaker and the beeps seems to be a problem with the ram but im not reaylly sure i will leave the video of the sounds so you can maybe help me with this.

I also already tried things like using one slot of ram and changing the slots but nothings seems to work, I really aprreciate if someone could help me.

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Journeyman III

If your using hdmi try the dvi, vga and hdmi did not work for me a320m-hdv.