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Adept I

Rixen 7 3700x and ECC

Hi, does anyone know for sure if the Rizen 7 3700x CPU supports DDR4 3200mhz ECC RAM? Thank you.
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It does. Although,

1) Memory modules should be UDIMMs. RDIMMs will not work.

2) Motherboard should have x72 memory layout. Not every and each AM4 board is compatible with ECC.

Hello, thanks for answering. Well then I don't have the one I have, because it's RDIMM. I'll have to buy another one. A greeting.

Look at the Motherboard Manufacturer's Specs under RAM MEMORY. It will tell you if it supports ECC Memory or not.

Here is example of a ASRock X570 Motherboard: ASRock > X570 Taichi 

Ryzen Pro Processors fully support ECC Mode. But Ryzen Pro processors are OEM type and not sold in Retail stores: 

This previous Tech thread (2019) talks about Ryzen 3rd generation processors and ECC RAM MEMORY: How's the ECC RAM support with the 3000 series? | Hacker News 

AMD desktop processors are not supporting ECC memory

Adept I

Thank you very much to all the people who have responded. It seems that I will not be able to take advantage of the ECC ram modules I have and I have already bought other ram modules without ECC. A greeting.


Your Ryzen Retail CPU does support ECC RAM MEMORY. It just is not validated by AMD.

Read this Tech Article that explains how Retail Ryzen Processors support ECC: 

AMD confirms that Ryzen support ECC memory

In a recent AMA on Reddit, AMD has confirmed that their new Ryzen CPUs support ECC error correcting memory, allowing motherboards to support the memory standard despite the fact that AMD does not officially supporting/verifying functionality.
Error-correcting code memory (ECC memory) is a memory type that can detect and correct common types of memory corruption, making this memory type important when used in high-end workstations, servers and other data critical applications. 
In simple terms, this means that AMD's Ryzen CPUs have full support for ECC memory, but AMD does not want to officially provide any QA or official support for ECC on their consumer platforms. Instead of simply disabling ECC support altogether, AMD has instead opted to allow motherboards to support the standard as they see fit, allowing consumers to take full advantage of ECC memory when using a compatible motherboard.     
Below is everything AMD had to say on the matter in their Reddit AMA.
ECC is not disabled. It works, but not validated for our consumer client platform.
Validated means run it through server/workstation grade testing. For the first Ryzen processors, focused on the prosumer/gaming market, this feature is enabled and working but not validated by AMD. You should not have issues creating a whitebox homelab or NAS with ECC memory enabled.
yes, if you enable ECC support in the BIOS so check with the MB feature list before you buy.


AMD confirms that Ryzen support ECC memory


AMD supporting ECC memory on their desktop Ryzen platforms will make them the CPU maker of choice when home users create their own workstations, FreeNAS file servers and other system types that can benefit from ECC memory.

Right now support for ECC memory is heavily restricted on Intel platforms, making ECC memory support a nice boost for AMD's Ryzen CPU architecture and the easy choice for those that want to create a home ZFS server or NAS. 


You can join the discussion on AMD's Ryzen CPUs supporting ECC memory on the OC3D Forums


Of all of the AM4 motherboards I have or have built for friends. None have ECC options. zilch.

ECC was never a big seller and even servers do not use it much. Financial servers use it but that is due to the need for reliable calculations etc.