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Journeyman III

R5 2400G Limit Frequency Core with Ryzen Master

Hi. I have an HP motherboard which doesn't allow me disable turbo core for my cpu. My r5 2400g has as turbo core 3.9 ghz frequency. So, using Ryzen Master could I limit the frequency to 3.6 ghz or at least disable turbo cores? I don't wanna make overclocks just limit the frequency and how thanks

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You should be able to just use the Power Plans features for a basic limiter. 

Here's a short quote from the foot note on the use of Ryzen Master, "AMD does not provide support or service for issues or damages related to use of an AMD processor outside of official AMD specifications or outside of factory settings. You may also not receive support or service from your board or system manufacturer. Please make sure you have saved all important data before using this overclocking software."

Feel free to read it's entirety @ 

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I tried with power plans but the max frequency only goes to 2333 mhz :C