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PC experiences freezing episodes on web browser


I recently purchased a new PC with the following configuration:

- Motherboard: GIGABYTE B650 GAMING X AX
- CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 7950X
- Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080
- Memory: 2X 32GB PC5-41600 DDR5 SDRAM Corsair CMK64GX5M2B5200C40
- Storage: KINGSTONE SNV2S2000G (50026B778522701D)
- PSU: GIGABYTE UD850GM PG5, 80+ Gold, 850W
- Display: 2X ASUS TUF VG249Q1R (Display Port)
- OS: Windows 11 PRO

Occasionally, whenever I use the web browser, my computer experiences freezing episodes, and I find it difficult to identify the underlying reason. Here are the specifics of its behavior:
- both displays are out of signal
- motherboard VGA led is turned on
- fans are spinning
- RGB LEDs are on
- power LED is on
- storage LED is turned off
- keyboard is not responsive (ex: caps lock)
- power button does not stop the computer (I have to unplug the computer to restart it)
- after the restart, it takes 1-2 min to boot (motherboard VGA LED remains on and usually is turned off the next day, not even a second reboot or shutdown is fixing the problem)

I acquired a license for 3DMark in order to conduct tests using the "Fire Strike Test", everything is prepared, including HWiNFO64 logs.


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I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing freezing episodes on your new PC. Based on the information you provided, there are a few potential reasons for the issue:

Graphics driver: Make sure you have the latest graphics drivers installed for your NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080. Outdated or incompatible drivers can sometimes cause freezing or display issues. Visit the NVIDIA website to download and install the latest drivers specifically designed for your graphics card model.

Windows updates: Ensure that your Windows 11 Pro operating system is fully up to date. Microsoft often releases updates that address various issues and improve system stability. Check for any pending updates and install them if available.

Browser issues: If the freezing episodes occur specifically when using a web browser, it's worth considering if there are any particular browser extensions, add-ons, or plugins that could be causing conflicts. Try disabling or removing them one by one to see if the issue persists. Additionally, you can try using a different web browser to see if the problem occurs across multiple browsers.

Hardware issues: Although your system configuration seems powerful and well-equipped, there's always a possibility of hardware-related issues. Ensure that all hardware components are properly connected, seated, and functioning correctly. Consider checking the temperatures of your CPU and GPU during normal usage to rule out any overheating problems.


Hope this helps!

PC Hardware Specialist

  1. Graphics card driver: latest update available
  2. Windows 11 PRO: latest update available
  3. Browser issues: vanilla installation, without extensions
  4. Hardware issues: vendor said that RAM could be an issue (waiting for more feedback from their side)

just dont buy gigabyte for your next build. its a poor brand causing headache... i got asrock for my latest built and i am a lot more happier!


Hi, what issues have you got with Gigabyte so far?