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Journeyman III

New to Ryzen

Hello i am new to the forum and Ryzen, i recently built a Ryzen 2600  ( a week old ) and everything look OK, bit i am a bit concerned about me temps, i am using the stock cooler, but will be getting a 3 party cooler once i am comfortable  with the base performance  with the new build. but  i do have a few questions, 


1) ECD on Core 5 goes into the red, is this normal.? 

2) current CPU  temps are fluctuating from around 36c to 46C  on idle .. is this normal also 

3) i dont like seeing my speeds fluctuate, can i set my speed to be 3.4Mhz through RM ? 

i am looking to get a baseline starting point before a do a lil mild OC 

Thanks in advance 

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Big Boss

pantz,  here are your specifications:


Your maximum temperature is 95C, so what you are seeing is fine.  There is only one EDC and that is for the processor Core Voltage on the MB (VRM).  All cores get the same voltage from the same source.  When EDC (or PPT or TDC) get close to 100% then throttling occurs (maximum temperature also).  You have a choice to accept the throttling or adjust the maximum.  I enabled PBO to do it for Cinebench:


You can try using PBO to set CPU clocks but many people talk about varying clocks.  I just accept it.  Enjoy, John.

Journeyman III

Hello mister j , and thank you for your response, i notice  that you had a CB bench tab on your pic, I dont seem to have that on my RM. also can i not set all my core to 3.4 in the bios ? 




pantz, the Profile names can be changed and I changed Profile 1 to CB Bench.  I am not at all familiar with your BIOS and I recommend using RM.  I tried RM to set same clock to all cores as follows:


I used Manual, All Cores and then set one and all followed.  They seen to stay the same.  I think PBO is a better deal overall, but do as you like - lot of flexibility here.  You may need to adjust the CPU voltage.   Enjoy, John.