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Journeyman III

Lower than average R5 3600 performance

When I put my R5 3600 (stock) under any load that's not gaming, (Ie: Cinebench, Blender Render , Davinci Resolve renders etc.)

the clocks immediately hit 3.9 Ghz. The weird thing about that is every benchmark I was able to find showed this same chip under the same tests I was using hit 4.2 Ghz all cores no matter what. I know clocks don't always matter, but here they most certainly do. All the tests resulted in noticeably worse performance (Cinebench was getting `  `3700 for everyone and I was only able to hit 3500) and my blender BMW test was noticeably slower in terms of render time than benchmarks showed. I have absolutely nothing holding my chip back, Temps are around 55C for an All core sustained load, I have a pretty decent Mobo in terms of VRMS and their temps (B450 Aorus Elite) and I have a pretty Decent power supply. I wouldn't be complaining about the 3.9 Ghz all core if I didn't see everyone's Review of the chip showing 4.2Ghz All core all the time 


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Adept III

Re: Lower than average R5 3600 performance

Are you using the wraith stock cooler?